Extended fixing patch released for ‘Elite Dangerous’

After a serious backlash from players, Frontier Developments has released yet another fresh update for its Elite Dangerous title.

Just a few days ago, an update for Elite Dangerous came from the developers. However, it didn’t help much as most of the players kept complaining about social media.

‘Elite Dangerous’ new patch details

The angst of the players was such that many of them even demanded a refund from stores online. After that, Frontier Developments came forward and acknowledged the issues.

On Thursday, the official Twitter account Elite Dangerous shared the news of the latest patch.

It brings tons of additional and extended improvements to the game.

The main forum for the title said that more updates would emerge if the issues are not resolved.

“We continue to investigate your concerns around performance, UI, and Odyssey’s planetary tech and will share information with you as soon as we have it.

What’s new in the latest patch?

Here are all the major modifications arriving in the newest update for Elite Dangerous:


  • Mining drill rig sounds in settlements are improved now.
  • The audio mix will be consistent, with other screens, in the ‘Edit Loadout’ screen with starport consoles.
  • Sound implemented for Turbo Lift UI pop-up.
  • There is a correction for offsets on the weapon reload audio positions.
  • Voices of landing pad announcers won’t leak into other landing pads.
  • There will be a sound effect now when switching legal/illegal modes on tools.
  • Dialogue lines for the missing player scan have been added now.
  • During combat, breathing will remain audible. However, it won’t be audible in an unpowered suit.
  • Mix tweaks are now made on skimmers.


  • When firing the shotgun in ADS, the animation issues are now fixed.
  • Incorrect emissive value fixed on shoulders of certain NPCs.


  • Issues fixed where there was a lag when previewing legs and upper body gear pieces.
  • Issue fixed related to choosing between clear and opaque helmets for the flight suit.


  • Fixes made regarding known soft locks. They used to occur when rapidly switching perspective during a reload.
  • Issue solved related to a crash that would occur when applying Weapon Handling Mod.


  • EVSM shadows re-enabled in the systems and galaxy map.


  • Issue fixed where there was no loot sometimes when spawning in lockers found in habitat buildings.
  • Other issues resolved where player health was decreasing rapidly when logging back in at a social space.

Lighting and VFX

  • Extra visible arms added in the Agricultural Settlements.
  • Exterior glass material emissive and fade range is balanced.
  • Space stations now have new LUTs for the interior.

You can find full details on Frontier’s forum, in case you want to know everything.

Elite Dangerous is now available for PS4, PC, Xbox One, and Mac.


Image courtesy of MandaloreGaming/YouTube

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