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Extinction: Driver of the largest mass extinction found


252 million years ago, all the life forms on earth got extinct. The researchers can find the real reason for extinction.

The history of the earth is a very long way to go. 252 million years ago, a series of extinction took place.

In that series of extinction, every life form on earth disappeared. The main goal of many researchers was to find the exact cause of this extinction.

Many researchers came up with many ideas and theories about mass elimination. However, there were many loopholes in every story of every researcher. Now, the researchers can find the actual reason for mass elimination.

252 million years ago was the time of the Permian epoch and the beginning of the Triassic era. At that time, about 95% of ocean life disappeared mysteriously. The extinction took place only within a few thousand years.

The extinction

The Permian-Triassic extinction is also known as the great dying. In this mass elimination, 96% of marine species and 70% of Terrestrial vertebrates species disappeared.

The leading cause of great death was the poisoning of oceans.

According to the researchers, the extinction took place due to the increasing amounts of nutrients in the oceans.

At that time, the ocean life disappeared because of over-fertilization and rising temperature.

Not only this, but the over-fertilization was the cause of oxygen depletion. Due to less oxygen, many aquatic life forms died.

Excessive fertilization was the cause of the collapse of the interconnected life-sustaining cycles among the marine life.

The research

The solution to this research was possible due to the gigantic volcanic activities in Syria. The volcanic activities released large amounts of methane from the seafloor.

After witnessing this activity, many researchers of the BASE-LiNE Earth project got an idea.

The researchers began to check the environmental archive and found the shells of the fossil of brachiopods. The brachiopods work clam-like organisms that were there on the earth for 500 billionaires.

According to the researchers of BASE-LiNE Earth, they were able to find a well-preserved brachiopods fossil from South Alps. Also, they measured the different isotopes of the element Boron in the fossil shells.

In addition to this, they were able to trace the development of pH values. This was the central lock to the question of extinction.

After that, the researchers analyzed their data from the Boron and the additional carbon isotope.

They were able to create a computer-based geochemical model showing the earth’s process at that time. They concluded that temperature rising and ocean acidification because of volcanic activities was the cause of extinction.

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