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‘Extraction’ sequel reportedly possible, Chris Hemsworth will return


Extraction had just hit the screens a couple of days ago and it’s already making an impression on the viewers. The trending flick made it to the list of top 10 overall on Netflix.

Film fanatics are highly fascinated by the story, and they have been rambling about it on social media non-stop. Talks of a possible sequel have been reported, and everyone is excited about it. Another Chris Hemsworth action-packed movie that fans won’t want to miss.

The storyline

It began with Tyler Rake, who is played by Chris Hemsworth, is a well-paid mercenary who accepts a lethal mission of extracting Ovi (Rudhraksh Jaiswa), the only son of a drug kingpin in India. He was abducted by the men of his father’s drug rival from Bangladesh. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, don’t continue reading, there are spoilers ahead.

The film left the audience with a cliffhanger ending, is Tyler Rake still alive? You can’t miss the fact that he suffered fatal wounds when he faced the army of guards on the bridge. When a deadly bullet pierced through his neck, he had a nasty fall to the bridge and submerged to the river.

After eight months, Ovi moved on with his life. In one of the scenes after his dive to the pool, there’s a blurry image of a person watching him from afar. There is no recognition of who that person is, whether it’s Tyler or not, no one knows.

The director’s take on the rumored sequel

In one of the Digital Spy’s interviews with Sam Hargrave, the director behind this popular Netflix motion picture, he mentioned that there are talks about going further with Extraction. Although, it may not be in the form of a direct sequel.

He further explained that “We’re all going to wait to see how fans react to the film. And based on that, there have been discussions of different storylines that could take place in different times – both forward in time and backwards in time.”

“We’re just waiting to see what happens, and to see how the appetite is for these characters and for this film. And then we’ll make our decision. But there definitely have been discussions of broadening this world, for sure,” he added.

If there’s a slight possibility of this follow-up film, and Hemsworth returns, it will surely be another compelling storyline if Tyler is alive and well. Fans will look forward to more death-defying missions for Tyler and his friends.

Perhaps a little twist with the storyline will be exciting this time, to make it exhilarating for Extraction to continue. Nobody wants to watch a follow-up movie, where Tyler survived his first mission but ends up dead on his second. That’s just awful!

If Tyler did somehow live, the audience should be skeptical about it. Just see through the plot as it goes along. After all, the initial film happened in a fictitious world.

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