‘F is For Family’ season 4 release date, spoilers revealed


After months of waiting, F is for Family season 4 is confirmed to air this June 12, 2020, on Netflix.

The series will air on all Netflix subscribing countries. Now on its fourth season, F is for Family is one of the longest-running animated Netflix original series.

Created by Bill Burr and Michael Price, the comedy series follows the story of an Irish-American dysfunctional family. The series transpired in the 1970s where the Murphy family struggles with personal goals and ambitions.

At the same time, the Murphys try to fit into their society. What is interesting in the series is that it gives the viewers the taste and feel of the 70s.

What is the plot for F is for Family

There will be new challenges for the Murphy family in season 4.  Season 3 left the viewers with so many questions, however, Burr and Price intends to give light to these questions in F is for Family season 4.

Frank and Sue will have to deal with Philip’s sudden change of emotion. Throughout season 3, Philip drew a lot of demonic images. Furthermore, Philip will have to explore his relationship with his parents.

Sue and Frank’s relationship was put to test when Chet returned in the early part of the series in season 3. However, the couple moved past their mistrust and once again went back to what matters most.

Recently, the series announces the entry of Jonathan Banks to voice the father of Frank, Bill Murphy. Based on the trailer, Frank’s relationship with his father, Bill, is not good.

It appears that Frank resented his father for years, and when it’s time to visit Frank’s household, clashes between them surfaced. Pogo, Frank’s obese boss will have a bigger role in F is for Family season 4. Last season revealed his near-fatal heart attack.

The biggest excitement for Murphy’s family is the arrival of a new baby. Apparently, the baby sets a new challenge for the whole family.

Fans will also see a glimpse of Nguyen-Nguyen in F is for Family season 4. Season 3 revealed Chet lying in the hospital incapacitated.  His wife, Nguyen-Nguyen poisoned Chet because of his abusive behavior.  Nguyen-Nguyen awaits her trial in a jail in the next season.

F is for Family cast

The major cast will return to reprise their role, except for Vince Vaughn who voiced the character of Chet. Aside from Jonathan Banks, other characters will join the series. Episode 9 will feature Rich Sommer. Will Sasso, the actor behind The Three Stooges is also confirmed for season 4.

Image Courtesy Of Netflix/Youtube Screenshot

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