‘F is for Family’ season 5 marks the end of the Netflix comedy sitcom

The Irish-American family comedy sitcom, F is for Family swings back to Netflix for the last time. Moreover, F is for Family season 5 will return in 2021.

F is for Family features the Murphy family, an Irish-American clan living in the 1970s. Created by Bill Burr and Michael Price, and executive produced by Vince Vaughn, the series mirrors what it’s like to live in the 70s. Now, F is For Family season 5 will pose more challenges for the Murphys as they struggle to fit into their community with their own personal goals and ambitions.

What is “F is for Family” all about

The series is inspired by its creator, Bill Burr’s childhood. In the series, the Murphy family, with their patriarch, Frank Murphy, lives in a fictional town of Rustvale, in Pennsylvania. Deadline reports that the comedy series features a time “when political correctness, helicopter parenting, and indoor smoking bans weren’t part of anyone’s vocabulary, let alone the norm.”

The series premiered on the streaming platform in 2015 and is dubbed as one of Netflix’s longest-running animated series. Furthermore, the series garnered millions of viewers because of its sense of truth in each episode. Thus, throughout the four seasons, the Murphy family continued to face the challenges of being a family, especially in raising the children.

What happened in season 4

The fourth installment reveals a major change in the Murphy household. Aside from expecting a new baby, Frank’s estranged father, Big Bill, surprisingly visit the family. Apparently, season 4 digs deeper into the Frank and Bill’s unsettled past.

Furthermore, Frank never sees Big Bill as a father figure, as seen in flashbacks where Bill would shove ice cream on Frank’s face. In another scene, Big Bill beats Frank with a pair of crutches. Thus, Big Bill’s arrival in the house has set tension, pushing Frank to fight back.

What to expect from “F is for Family” season 5

Although the showrunners are now ready with the storylines, the fifth installment’s plot remains hidden for now. Just weeks ago, producer Price shared his excitement for the fifth season. He said:

“We left everything with a bit of a cliffhanger, as we always do, with Frank’s father voiced by Jonathan Banks. We have tons of ideas and places we want to go, we’re just waiting for Netflix to say go ahead.”

Now that Netflix has renewed the series, the fate of the Murphys will soon be unveiled. On the other hand, Bill Burr has shared his admiration for the production team who has worked so hard for the series. He said:

“Thank you to all the fans that watched this show. Thanks to Vince Vaughn, Peter Billingsley Victoria Vaughn, Ted Sarandos, and all the INCREDIBLE writers, performers, animators, editors, and musicians that made this show happen. Special thanks to the Captain of the Ship: The great Mike Price! I love all, you guys!”

Image Courtesy of Netflix/YouTube Screenshot

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