Facebook bans a protest that supports Donald Trump

Social media platform Facebook has banned the allies of Donald Trump from using a protest against the vote counting.

The allies of Donald Trump have turned to Facebook and other social media platforms to make a nationwide protest against the 2020 elections. They are pushing some motion into some of Silicon Valley’s powerful organizers.

The power of social media platforms

In line with this, they are using them as tools into a contest over the legitimacy of American democracy.

The campaign is relying on the network of new and existing Facebook groups, pages, and events. They are using these platforms to rally people in public this week to a baseless conspiracy theory.


The online efforts of the Republican Party fringes, but they are doing well on its mainstream. Amy Kremer is the most vocal leader in the group. She is a former congressional candidate in Georgia, a co-chair, and co-founder of Women for Trump.

Amy used the Facebook page with the name Women for America First, which has more than 100,000 followers. The drive uses the launched Facebook group named “STOP THE STEAL” to gather more than 360,000 members.

Before the company removed it on midday Thursday, the group is known to breach the platform rules.

Is Donald Trump preparing for an armed conflict?

The Facebook page said they need boots on the ground to protect the vote’s integrity before it disappeared.

They are also encouraging the people to donate and help pay for flights and hotels to send people to the battlegrounds.

The “STOP THE STEAL” has been listed as a co-host on different Facebook pages, including a “caravan” planned in California.

Although some of the events said their goal would be peaceful, some commentaries spilled that the group from “STOP THE STEAL” is planning an armed conflict.

Facebook turning down the misinformation of the 2020 election

Facebook aggressively sought to police the problematic posts, videos, and photos across its services. They aim to prevent misinformation from the 2020 presidential race.

Facebook may act slowly at times, but they banned the page called “Stand up Michigan” because the platform is said that it would be at risk of “offline harm.”

It is the duty of Peter Vicenzi, the spokesman for FreedomWorks, to ensure free and fair elections.

The page proclaimed that people could remove their content, but they could never silence their voices.

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