Facebook concerned about people’s pasts, allows bulk deletion of old posts

Facebook concerned about people's pasts, allows bulk deletion of old posts

Facebook announced earlier that it would allow its users to take better control of past posts that they would like to delete in bulk.

The present pandemic had people stay at home for an extended period. Some are still forced to stay home due to the widespread infection of people. During the stay at home period, people have had to turn to different forms of entertainment to keep them occupied.

Hopefully, many also considered sifting through their social media accounts’ past posts, given the amount of time they had on hand. The reality is, several people had been laid off from their work, so they will be forced to look for new jobs right out the gates.

Nowadays, employers are wiser now and check their applicants’ past social media behavior to avoid future problems before hiring. Fortunately, Facebook has just rolled out a new setting feature called ‘Manage Activity.’

Delete, archive, forget

Facebook announced today that users may now have better control of their future by managing past actions. With the new ‘Manage Activity’ setting, users may easily sift through old posts that they would like to hide or from their profiles.

With this new feature, users may use the filter option to easily go through old posts by date, content, or tagged person. The user has two options, archive or delete.

The archive option will allow the user to hide the post from their feed, but still, have personal access to it. The delete function, on the other hand, will permanently delete the post after 30 days it has been prompted. If the user changes his mind, he may retrieve the deleted post within those 30 days.

Facebook concerned about people's pasts, allows bulk deletion of old posts

Implications of ‘Manage Activity’

As recent news would show, past social media posts reflect heavily on people’s present and future. Many celebrities have been steamrolled by sleuthing paparazzi and expose celebrities’ peculiar pasts. Several reports also show that employers take the time to explore an applicant’s social media account. They apparently do this to see the applicant’s fit for the position applied.

Some governments have even taken visa applications to the next level. They sometimes require visa applicants to disclose their social media account handles. Unfortunately, several applicants have been denied entry for some posts in the past that go against the approving country.

Facebook knows about these situations. The rollout of the new feature is a welcome sight, especially for those that would like to do a fresh start in their lives.

Image courtesy of Tim Bennett/ Unsplash

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