Facebook debuts new Apple Watch experimental messaging app


American social media and technology giant, Facebook, Inc., has launched a new app that brings more convenience for connecting with close friends over Messenger on the Apple Watch.

According to a report, the app was developed by Facebook’s New Product Experimentation (NPE) team who named it Kit or Keep in Touch. 

As it appears, the NPE team has not rested in its efforts to keep people connected despite the physical disconnect that has been caused by social distancing guidelines amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

How the app allows users to easily “Keep in Touch”

Facebook’s NPE Team explains that the app uses a combination of QR codes and Facebook’s existing Messenger services in order to keep data stored in the Apple Watch and the phone in sync. 

This means that while the app goes for a simpler, more convenient approach to messaging, it still aims to keep its user’s data uncompromised.    

Once successfully linked, users may start using this app by scanning a QR code on the Apple Watch, or entering an access code at the devices tab in Facebook (fb.com/devices). Then, they will be directed to select contacts they want to “keep in touch” with using Kit. 

Users may then quickly interact with the selected contacts using Kit on their Apple Watch. User reviews indicate that it gives the ability to interact more conveniently with close contacts without picking up phones. 

How it differs to previous apps released for Apple Watch

As described on the App Store description of the app, Kit is focused on keeping its users connected with close contacts only. This means that the number of contacts to use it with is finite as it is designed to be used to interact with close friends, family members, or a significant other.

User response has been overwhelmingly positive – even in its experimental phase

While the team has released the app with the purpose of researching how to best capture user interests, it has unexpectedly resonated well with some.

Its acceptability is also increased as it is being offered for free on the App Store. Users outside Canada are unable to access it for now, but the experimental team will assess if it will gather the same success if offered to other countries.

Despite its limited availability, reviews have been circulating that Kit appears to be a “sequel” to a private messaging app that the developer has previously released and dedicated for couples – only better. 


Feature image used courtesy of Techdustry/YouTube Screenshot.

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