Facebook introduces Avatars in U, personalized emojis like Bitmoji

Facebook unveiled its Avatar feature in the US. The feature like Bitmoji rolled out in other countries last year.

Facebook finally rolled out the Avatar feature in the US last week. The feature allows users to react and interact with posts through a personalized emoji.

Facebook Avatar on Android and iOS

The Facebook Avatar feature comes like the Bitmoji from Snapchat. It is a customizable Avatar of a Facebook user. The cartoonized version of a Facebook user may be used for a variety of purposes. It can be used as a user’s display photo, as well as in stories, messenger, and comments.

The Facebook Avatar feature can be done on both iOS and Android devices with a few simple steps. However, the said feature is only available in countries covered by its launch.

Facebook Avatar in a few simple steps

Setting the Facebook Avatar feature on an iOS or Android phone starts with opening the Facebook app and heading over the three horizontal lines at the bottom also called options.

From there scroll down and click the option to see more. A dropdown of another set of options will appear including the Avatars. The user should select the Avatars and click next followed by getting started. The device is now a few more steps away from the Bitmoji-like Facebook feature.

The user will then be given an option to choose the skin tone of his choice. The instruction tells to choose the color that fits best.

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Aside from the skin tone, a user is given a wide variety of options to choose from to personalize the Avatar. Spending some more time makes the cartoonized version of the user more like a real prototype.

The Avatar feature has more sections to make the character even more personalized. The user may change the hair color and hairstyle.

The Facebook Avatar also comes with changing facial features such as the face, nose, and eye shapes. The color of the eyes, makeup, eyebrows, and facial hair can be customized as well.

For a more specific look, there is also a section to work on the face lines and other facial features. The outfit is interchangeable depending on the user’s choice.

Once the Avatar is complete, the user clicks the checkmark on the upper right corner of the screen. To finish things up, click next and tap done to save all the changes to the personalized character.

The personalized Avatar comes in different stickers to choose from in making comments and sending messages. Users will notice a smiley face next to the gif icon in their comments section.

Clicking the smiley face brings the user to a wide variety of stickers with the user’s personalized Facebook Avatar.

Image courtesy of Allmy/Shutterstock

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