Facebook introduces clone of Clubhouse Live Audio Rooms

Facebook has published it will roll out a range of audio features in the following few months.

These Facebook features include Live Audio Rooms. Consequently, its version of the familiar app Clubhouse enables people to attend and participate in live discussions.

Facebook, and its new feature

Audio-only systems have frequently become famous throughout the pandemic.

FB will also originate a new feature, Soundbites.

Consequently, here users can produce and share short audio clips.

Additionally, the feature will take off over the next few months, beginning with a small number of creators.

Users will create money in the Live Audio Rooms or using Soundbites.

However, it’s unclear if this will be ready for anyone or just reserved for creators with huge followings.

What the founder Zuckerberg has to say

FB will also enable users to adapt to podcasts directly from its app.

Facebook foreman Mark Zuckerberg declared while chatting with journalist Casey Newton this Monday.

In a report, Facebook’s Fidji Simo stated: “Audio seamlessly fits within our busy lives. Therefore, it allows us to take motivation from new ideas and communicate with other like-minded personalities without pressure.”

It is unsure how FB plans to keep a check on the audio channels.

At about the corresponding time, Mr. Zuckerberg declared Facebook’s plans, Reddit also announced Reddit Talk.

This new feature will thus be identical to Reddit’s Clubhouse version as well.

Where does the company currently stand

Mr. Zuckerberg and his successful social venture, FB, have been accused of anti-competitive behavior.

Consequently, this claim is by the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

The previous year, Mr. Zuckerberg confessed to copying rivals.

Additionally, he also said that FB “certainly adjusted features that others have driven in.”

Not only FB, for that matter, but many big Social Ventures walked on the same path.

For instance, Instagram Reels, delivered last year, looks like TikTok. Whereas Instagram Stories, a feature published in 2016, was scrutinized as a rip-off of Snapchat.

Conclusively, Critics claim that Big Tech’s “borrowing” of plans from smaller companies can smother competition.

What’s more on the horizon

Zuckerberg has become increasingly critical of his tech competitors. Consequently, this development comes as Facebook and others face potential control.

However, the company’s introduction of commodities that closely resemble competitors may hurt the business.

Thereby, Zuckerberg has been investigated in antitrust hearings recently for copying or trying to acquire rivals.

At the conference on Monday, he tried to discuss these concerns pre-emptively.

Thus, this discussion cited times when potential others replicated Facebook products in the same business.

“When a new mechanism comes along, it can present a lot of ideas,” he said. “I think feeds were like this initially when we built newsfeed in 2006.

Thus, since then, almost every piece of social merchandise has a newsfeed.

Although it is never the same thing – it takes state and feel of the meaning that it is in.”


Image courtesy of Pixabay/Pexels

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