Facebook releases new web collage app

Facebook’s innovative NPE team has released its tenth new app. E.gg is reviving the feel of Myspace and Geocities by creating a collage of random media.

Facebook releases new app

As reported by SocialMediaToday, E.gg enables Facebook users to create what it calls ‘canvases’:
“Free-form mixed media collages/pages that let you express anything from your favorite films/albums/novels to a collage of succulent pics to, say, an about page for an app.”

The Facebook NPE Team released its newest platform, and they coined it E.gg. It works by combining photos mixed with other media resulting in a collage. Jason Toff, part of Facebook’s NPE Team, shared this news on his Twitter account on the last 29th of July.

In modern times, the challenge E.gg might be facing is the trend generated by the situation. The pandemic that brought many of us back home for our safety leads to more people engaging in virtual activities, including, of course, leisure and entertainment. The likes of TikTok and, somewhat, Snapchat are the rising stars of this time. If E.gg decides to join the mix, will it be a game-changer?

Indeed, E.gg will face not-so-sweet momentum once it launches publicly. For now, it is in closed beta, and you can sign up for the waitlist.

How does E.gg work?

On its blank board called canvas, the user can add media, reshape and resize to fit in the display. Lastly, E.gg users can share their web collage.

E.gg lets you share your thoughts or how you feel, whether from your favorite films, novels, or anything under the sun. Since it is a free, mixed-media platform, imagination is the limit.

E.gg’s creation was inspired by Geocities and Myspace, a web platform in the early 2000s, and is now seen as a nostalgic comeback. But what exactly does Facebook NPE want us to feel? Undoubtedly, for many, the mixed-media platform revived memories of younger years, bringing the pleasure of seeing a random photo collage dolled up with glittery, moving stickers.

This upgrade is the 10th app developed by Facebook’s NPE Team in the last six months. Some apps were halted due to the slow pacing of catching up with the market. So far, here are some of the experiments NPE has been doing:

Venue: Live Sports Companion and Experience
Forecast: A community centered around crowdsourced predictions
Collab: Available only for iOS, an app where creators and fans can mix, play, and watch videos with music.
CatchUp: Phone Calls and Chats with your loved ones or friends and when they are available.
Hobbi: Keeping your friends and relatives updated with your life.
Whale: Meme generator with tools available for users.

E.gg fate is still unknown, and since it is under Beta, NPE is undoubtedly working to make this app a trend in the future.

Image used courtesy of The B1M/YouTube Screenshot

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