Facebook rolls out ‘dark mode’ for desktop users across the world

Facebook rolls out 'dark mode' for desktop users across the world

Facebook has made the dark mode available to all of its desktop users across the world. The website update also includes a better community experience for their users.

Screen time exposure is at an all time high. The Coronavirus pandemic has forced people to turn to their gadgets more for news, entertainment and work, and smartphones still sit at the top of screen time exposure. Laptops rank as a close second in this category.

The increased usage of these gadgets are causing people a problem called screen fatigue. Tech companies know about this and are implementing means and ways to help their users put less strain on their eyes.

Facebook implements dark mode for desktop users

Last year, Facebook announced that it will test a dark mode for its Facebook.com website . Last Friday, Facebook followed through on their announcement and made the feature available to all users across the world.

Activating the dark mode feature is simple. Users just have to activate the ‘Switch to new Facebook’ setting, and from there they will be able to toggle the dark mode on and off.

The main purpose for the dark mode feature on the website is to reduce the glare on the eyes. Several users rely on the website to manage their businesses and communities, and they stay looking at their screens for long periods.


Facebook announced in its blog that the dark mode was made to ease the strain on the eyes. Additionally, the experience of watching videos is enhanced because of the natural focus that our eyes do on dark backgrounds.

Community focused updates

Facebook can be considered as the father of all social media platforms despite just being 16 years in the industry. Nevertheless, times have caught up to it, and it no longer is the innovator it used to be. They even acknowledge this in their own blog.

In order to keep up with the times, Facebook went on a thorough research to know about their users’ needs and behavior when using social media. They found out that the News Feed is now becoming more antiquated. Facebook users are turning more to updates from their own communities rather than on the regular Facebook feed.

The new update also includes this community focused behavior. Facebook has already trimmed down the width of the regular news feed to give way to wider side bars. The left side bar includes all pages, communities, and groups that users belong to. The right one features the regular Messenger list for chats.

With these two seemingly small website rearrangement, Facebook hopes to give its users a better online experience tailored fit to their social media usage behavior.

Image courtesy of Facebook

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