Facebook rolls out Dark Mode to select lucky smartphone users

Facebook rolls out Dark Mode to select lucky smartphone users

Facebook just silently rolled out the Dark Mode feature that has been on the wishlist of many iOS and Android users for a while.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is firefighting many issues at the same time. On one side, the anti-trust committee in the U.S. is grilling the company for being too powerful. On another, it is suppressing all opportunities for fake news to spread. Being in this position is difficult, but Zuckerberg seems to be handling the situation quite well.

Despite having to tackle these issues all at the same time, the development on the front end of the platform doesn’t stop. In fact, a surprise update just rolled out silently to some smartphone Facebook users.

Dark Mode on Facebook in Android and iOS becoming a reality

Remember the time when Dark Mode on Facebook desktop rolled out? It was one of the more celebrated updates on the platform. People just love seeing the black sleek design of any interface. As such, when it launched on the desktop, many were triggered to ask when its smartphone version will come out.

Without further ado, Facebook has apparently rolled out Dark Mode already for some select iOS and Android users. To know if a person’s Facebook app has received the update, just go to the setting and privacy tab, and see if there’s a toggle for Dark Mode.

The social media giant didn’t close just how many lucky users received this update on their app. Therefore, there really isn’t much to discuss yet as to its details. Nevertheless, if the desktop version is a benchmark, toggling back and forth, dark mode should be as easy as pressing on the switch at a convenient location.

The day when Facebook rolls out Dark Mode to all users around the world will be a glorious day. Everyone can finally say goodbye to the blindingly bright white newsfeed when scrolling late into the night.

Facebook clamps down on misinformation spreaders

A few days ahead of the U.S. presidential election, Facebook went to work by bringing down several Facebook pages. These accounts were mainly identified as misinformation spreaders. Its ultimate goal is to poison the minds of uninformed voters to whichever way they want to swing the election.

As such, the social media giant took down as many accounts as it could. It even found out that there are several Facebook accounts linked to as many as 12 Instagram accounts. Some of these were traced all the way back to Iran.

The company did the same tracking during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. It would be safe to say that it didn’t actually kill the spread of misinformation. However, its contribution to nipping the problem in the bud was significant.


Image from Brett Jordan/ Unsplash

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