Facebook to integrate Whatsapp’s messenger

Facebook is said to be planning on combining Facebook Messenger with WhatsApp. 

Tech behemoth Facebook has begun working on integrating Facebook Messenger with Instagram DMs, including WhatsApp.

The Facebook integration plan

The organization successfully combined FB Messenger with Instagram’s DMs (Direct Messages) last year.

Consequently, presently the company has made the primary step towards uniting Whatsapp into the mix.

Additionally, Italian coder Alessandro Paluzzi has created a WhatsApp chat covered inside the FB Messenger system.

However, it is not likely to integrate WhatsApp with FB Messenger.

Alternatively, Paluzzi has forced a thread to display it recognizable as a WhatsApp chat.

Thus the thread will act as a preview for when the piece is available after the union is complete.

More about the new feature

The statement further states that FB Messenger and WhatsApp combination will be optional for when the feature appears.

Consequently, a similar implementation is already present with Instagram and Facebook.

Additionally, it allows users to decide to integrate chats among the two Facebook-owned social media entertainment platforms.

What users can expect from this update

Several characteristics are the ones that are prior tested and tried on FB Messenger by the administration. These modifications are said to move their way to WhatsApp, according to a statement by WABetaInfo.

The statement further tells that the trait is still in its test phase for the iOS version of the application.

Consequently, the company is yet to finalize the unification of WhatsApp with Messenger will happen in the upcoming year. Although, one can expect the integration between FB Messenger, Instagram DMs, and WhatsApp by the end of this year. 

However, it is suitable to take a while before being present for all users globally.

About the merger

FB had combined Messenger with Instagram DMs prior year in August. Consequently, the characteristic allows users to accept messages from FB Messenger on Instagram.

Additionally, it gives users the choice to reply from Instagram without changing apps and vice versa. The application also offers users an option.

This feature consequently lets them either receive messages as well as calls in their message requests or not at all.

What else is on the trial

Meanwhile, WhatsApp’s new privacy policy is to go into effect from May 15, 2021.

WhatsApp has revealed that users who do not allow the new privacy policy by May 15 will view the app with fewer functionalities.

Consequently, this involves the inability to send or read messages on the app.

Subsequently, the new privacy policy alters how Facebook can obtain user’s chats with a company account.


Image courtesy of TS Tech Talk/YouTube

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