Facebook updates Messenger API to incorporate Instagram

Facebook Updates Messenger API to Incorporate Instagram

Facebook is expanding its Messenger API to support Instagram messaging, enabling developers and businesses to integrate messaging from Instagram with other business applications.

According to Facebook, the new Messenger API is now available in closed beta. The expansion will be the first time to support automated responses on Instagram.

The company opened its Messenger platform to bots back in 2016. It’s now looking to promote response rates on Instagram. This collaboration will run by letting businesses preconfigure automatic responses to some of their most common inbound inquiries.

Facebook Messenger API to support Instagram

Facebook’s most recent announcement and update is the integration of Messenger and Instagram Direct. Today, the world’s biggest social media platform is also updating its Messenger API.

The update will include support for Instagram messaging, which will provide businesses with a range of new connection opportunities through its messaging tools.

“The new API features enable businesses to integrate Instagram messaging with their preferred business applications and workflows; helping drive more meaningful conversations, increase customer satisfaction and grow sales,” Facebook explained.

Facebook Updates Messenger API to Incorporate Instagram

As reported by TechCrunch, this new development could work for some smaller businesses. However, it could be challenging to be efficient this way, especially for larger brands with a high volume of messages.

Using the new Messenger API will essentially enable businesses to build additional procedures and processes on the back of the Messenger infrastructure. It can also help businesses facilitate more advanced usage of Facebook’s messaging engines.

This new update will enable teams or owners and third-party messaging providers to create new workflows to maximize Instagram Direct within the business messaging process.

What is the goal?

Facebook is not making this change just because they like it. There should be a goal they want to achieve with this new expansion.

Come to think of it. The change comes at a time when Instagram is pushing Shopping as a core activity on the platform. It follows the launch of Instagram shops and visual changes to the app to highlight shopping features.

The updated Messenger API is launching into beta testing with big companies such as Adidas, Amaro, Glossier, H&M, MagazineLuiza, Michael Kors, Nars, Sephora, TechStyle Fashion Group, and more. The beta is also open to a limited number of developer partners.

Today, other businesses and developers can join a waitlist to request access to the API post-beta. However, cross-app communication, a vital part of the recent Instagram and Messenger update, is not available on the API at launch.

For now, the messages will appear on the brand’s Messenger or Instagram tab. But this depends on where their customers are messaging, either FB or IG. However, Facebook confirmed it plans to “eventually” bring cross-app communications to businesses and developers in a later update.

Images used courtesy of Techboomers/YouTube Screenshot.

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