Facebook will fight against misleading COVID-19 information by sending notifications

Facebook has made a commemorated decision for its users. As the misinformation regarding COVID is flourishing, some users will receive a notification.

Users who will violate rules on Facebook regarding the terms of misinformation will have to face a notice.

People who will share, comment, or like COVID-19 misleading information have to face it. Fast Company has reported this notice.

Steps followed on Facebook to provide the notification

The feature will have some massive steps. The first step will include Facebook sending a notification to the user.

If the user would have interacted with any COVID-related post that has been turned down, they will receive a notification.

Clicking on the notification, the user will travel to a landing page that will mention all the post issues. That page will share a screenshot showing how the user interacted with that post.

The inclusion of post-removal reasons will be mentioned, and the landing page will also feature a link that will take the user to COVID related information-based page.

That information-based page will include educational materials and some actions. Unfollowing the COVID-19 fake information related page is a necessity for proper mental health.

This time, it’s an expansion of combating misinformation. Previously, Facebook used to show a banner on a news feed for all of the misinformation. The poster focused on the users who were engaged in such posts.

The banner directed users as ” Help Friends and Family Avoid False Information About COVID-19″. A quandary aroused in users that what the poster was asking about.

An attempt against misleading information

Facebook Product Manager had a specified objective for this issue. The new approach is more direct and “to the point.”

This method will reduce the direct scolding to such users and making other users shielded from misinformation.

This approach is a bit late as per the spread of coronavirus. As it has been a year for coronavirus, this modification in the approach is quite late.

This decision will reduce the spreading of misinformation prevailing nowadays in the world regarding the COVID pandemic.

Fake COVID-19 news is flourishing in the market. As of now, Facebook is only deleting the post, which is spreading the rumors of the covid vaccine.

There is only a question that arises after looking at this decision. The question is: Is it too late or too early? The acknowledgment of this step will lead to a better world, shielded from the fake, misleading information.


Image courtesy of Ink Drop/Shutterstock

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