Facebook working on new technology that can read human brain

Facebook is asked to work on a new technology that can help users interact with the help of AI implementation.

Facebook is said to be working on a new tech that can help read people’s minds and convert thoughts into actions.

The new project taken by the social media giant will push them further into the artificial intelligence domain.

There were some instances of AI, which did not go well with Facebook since the last year.

As the giant media tech was in the grasps of questioning and stealing users’ private information, the new tech will help users interact better.

Facebook is working on new releases and tools

Facebook has announced that the company is working on releasing new tools for users. The new release will turn all the news articles into bullets so that readers don’t have to spend much time reading them.

The announcement regarding the new release was made at the yearly meeting of the company. The details of the meetings are not released as of now.

But media were able to take out an audio recording of what happened at the meeting. Facebook has revealed some serious plans for the platform in 2021.

With more updates in the AI Category, the company ends a predictably difficult year as tougher events posed a new challenge.

A neural sensor is asked to be on talks

The neural sensor which the company was going to develop was on talks. According to the news report, the neural sensor will take brain images.

The sensor will detect the signals sent to the spinal cord, which flows to the arms and wrist. This will allow all the users to take action based on their thoughts.

According to Facebook, this new addition can help players in many things. It will help users hold a virtual object, type, and control a character in video games.

This is extremely similar to the nascent technology that Elon Musk’s Neuralink company is working on.

For Facebook, AI has always been the talk of the town.

“We are paving the way for the breakthrough of better and some new experiences, that will, without hyperbole, will improve the lives of billions,” said Mike Schroepfer.

Moving on, Facebook is even to include “TLDR” on its platform. It means “Too long, didn’t read.”

The acronym is being added for news articles for which users are too busy to read. The new addition will even help readers save a useful amount of time.


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