Face ID could arrive in macOS Big Sur soon

Face ID could reportedly be integrated with the new macOS Big Sur for Mac laptops coming in the next couple of months.

Apple is set to announce the new iPhone 12 line up this September. Along with that could be new iPads and the latest Apple Watch. Despite the anticipation for the new phone, the focus of Apple followers is still on the announcements made in WWDC 2020.

Apple dropped several new updates during the online event, and its followers are still trying to catch up. Among those announcements made was the latest macOS Big Sur. As it stands, the new OS is still in its beta phase. It will be fully launched to the masses, possibly next month.

Face ID on a Mac laptop

Apple was one of the first phones that adapted the full use of facial recognition on phones. The technology paved the way for bigger screens when it dropped the Touch ID. Naturally, other companies followed. However, they haven’t brought Face ID on their laptops.

Windows laptops, on the other hand, have long had this feature, which is very easy to use. Fortunately, with some tinkering, the people over 9to5Mac were able to dig through the codes of macOS Big Sur.

They found out that the coding on the new OS could support future Face ID on Mac laptops. They discovered the codes on ‘FaceDetect’ and ‘BioCapture,’ which are codes used on iPhones and iPads. However, the coding is still in its early stage. Apple will first have to equip their laptops with ultra-secure cameras and sensors to bring Face ID to their laptops.

Also, Mac laptops will first have to be equipped with the Neural Engine for the feature to work seamlessly. Now that Apple will transition to Apple Silicon, Mac computers will most surely have the engine on hand when they ship.

No more MacBook Air?

Everyone is excited about how Apple will transition to the Apple Silicon. However, the future for the MacBook Air seems bleak. ARM chipsets are known for their super-efficient processors. As such, they don’t need aggressive cooling fans to stay on their top performance.

This reality is what could bring the MacBook Air’s extinction. As new Macbooks come out, Apple has the luxury to shave off several millimeters off its width. Therefore, the best selling feature of the MacBook Air could be rendered useless. The rumor is that MacBook will also trim out the Pro or the Air extensions on the MacBooks to fix this complication.

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