Fake ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ found on Microsoft Store

Fake Animal Crossing: New Horizons found on Microsoft Store

A Nintendo-dedicated Twitter account has warned netizens and gamers about the fake “Animal Crossing” listing on Microsoft Store.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has increasingly become a popular title among gamers. Since its arrival last year, the number of players has flourished, especially amid the pandemic crisis.

But, while many are hyped up to play the game, it is not available for everyone. As it happens, it is exclusive only to Nintendo.

Recently, though, many individuals thought that the title had arrived on PC. This came after a listing on Microsoft Store was found, with a much lower price point.

To the dismay of those who have purchased it, the listing was fake and a “rip-off” of the popular title, Crossy Road, according to NME.

Microsoft’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons listing is a rip-off

The publication said that gamers who have paid and downloaded the fake Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the Microsoft Store received an “unlicensed version” of Crossy Road. It is a free mobile title from Hipster Whale, with many players calling it the “endless Frogger.”

The public acknowledgment that the title is a rip-off only emerged on May 1. Twitter account “Nintendeal” warned netizens about the listing, noting that no one should spend money on the game.

Alongside the warning, the account also incorporated several photos of the copy to prove that the game is nothing but an expensive Crossy Road rip-off.

The listing emerged in March

Based on the official page of the fake Animal Crossing on Microsoft Store, the release date is March 23. It only means that the title has “flown under the radar for a decent amount of time,” according to Game Rant.

It is also possible that the game has already attracted several PC users. Aside from it coming to Microsoft for the first time, it comes with a very low price of $2.99. This a “steal,” considering the nearly AU$80 official cost of the game on Nintendo.

While the fake and rip-off copy is still available on the platform, reports said that its days on it are likely numbered. Even so, publications continue to warn players and gamers about the listing.

A Nintendo Switch-exclusive

The game in question officially debuted last March 2020. Reports said that it has received “critical and commercial success,” causing it to drive sales for Nintendo Switch in the last year.

Despite its popularity and success, though, only Nintendo Switch users can access and play the game. Although Animal Crossing: New Horizons would reportedly be a great game to have on PC and other consoles, it is unlikely to happen considering how Nintendo does business, especially concerning their exclusive titles.

Featured Image courtesy of Nintendo/YouTube

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