FAKE APP ALERT: You will surely regret if you install ‘Whatsapp Pink’

Cybercrime ​​authorities have notified about the malware virus being communicated across the phone through the link. People are advised not to fall for Whatsapp Pink.

WhatsApp is a cross-platform streamline messaging system that has grown an essential part of life today, but the risks linked with it are also arriving forward. WhatsApp allows users to message over text and voice. 

It also enables the user to share documents, images, videos and recently had released an update to share money via payment gate wall. The most advanced case is thereby changing the color of WhatsApp. 

It comes to light that a link shared on the internet can change WhatsApp to pink sent on social media. In fact, it is a malware virus whose smartphone is hacked as early as the link is clicked. This link insists that WhatsApp will convert into pink color, and new highlighted features will be appended to it.

The prevailing case of Pink WhatsApp or WhatsApp Gold is also malware mimicking fake WhatsApp feature apps. It can steal private data like photos, videos, messages, contacts, etc.

Official update of WhatsApp

As reported by the cybersecurity specialist Rajasekhar Rajharia, the link pretends that it stands for endorsed updates like WhatsApp. Still, the fact is that the user’s smartphone will be hacked as soon as possible they tick on the link. 

Some unauthorized people try to spread the malware virus by enabling the option to download on the internet. He further insists we should not click on any unspecified link with the title of WhatsApp Pink. Popping the link will do it worse to use the phone.

Jiten Jain, director of the cybersecurity firm Voyager InfoSec, said users are warned not to install any kind of APKs available on the websites without any authorized certificates or mobile apps other than Google or Apple’s standard app store. The purge of malware that attacked WhatsApp has also appeared in this regard. 

Steps to avoid these things

WhatsApp states that if someone gets a dubious, suspicious message or a message containing an email, perform out-and-out research and adopt a careful approach before responding to them. 

The complete data entered into the phone is finally be reached at the hands of the fraudsters after installing the suspicious application.

On WhatsApp, the company recommends people use the conveniences they have rendered, post us a summary, and report the contact or block it. If people can encounter such things, they can post a comment on the official Play Store or App Store to bring this to their notice.

Also, people are advised not to install any applications by downloading them on the browser or by clicking the suspicious links sent to them. The best and prime method to avoid such things is not downloading modified APKS (mod APK) available on the internet. This can collect your personal data.


Image courtesy of Computer Kadhalan Tech/YouTube 

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