‘Fall Guys’ becomes Devolver Digital’s biggest title

Since launching, Fall Guys have topped streaming charts continuously, and it’s apparent that people are hooked. For Devolver Digital, the game is more than just a wacky take on the battle royale genre as it’s their biggest launch title to date.

Devolver Digital is also the developer behind the successful Hotline Miami series. The game was its previous star child, but it seems like Fall Guys have taken over that position. According to recent figures, the game has become Devolver Digital’s biggest title to date.

100k players on Steam

With over 100k players on Steam, the game has become Devolver Digital’s biggest title currently. Beyond that, the game has become Steam’s fourth most played title on its charts as well. This basically means that for the developer, the game is more than a success. It’s a big achievement as well.

The previous biggest title of the developer was SCUM. It topped 68k players only, and it seems like the new game is well on its way into doubling those numbers. What’s even better is that the numbers over at the PlayStation haven’t been considered yet.

Just the other day, the developers have also confirmed that the game has amassed 1.5 million players. All those players joined in within 24 hours after the game launched.

Downsides to unforeseen success

Even for Devolver Digital, the success of Fall Guys was unexpected. These past few days, the game has received numerous downtimes already because its servers are being overloaded. While the developers are quick to jump in on the issue, the servers will still have hitches once it launches.

The developers have promised that they are working towards making the game’s servers better within the coming days. Players are hoping that they are able to live up to the promise as it has been difficult to get in on the game recently.

Regarding the future of the game, the developer has yet to reveal their plans. For fans, the obvious wish is to get more game modes, more cosmetics, and of course, better servers as well.

Fall Guys is now out for the PC and PlayStation 4. It’s a unique take on the battle royale genre, which surprisingly worked for gamers. As early as now, players should get in on the title as the season pass is free. There is still over a month to go for the season pass.

Image used courtesy of Devolver Digital

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