‘Fall Guys’ developers give out Kudos and new skin to thank players

Devolver Digital’s Fall Guys is an unexpected hit, and the game is currently topping various charts worldwide. Of course, the publisher and developers want to thank the fans for their support for the game.

Devolver Digital and Mediatonic have both been responsive to fans with regards to the amount of support given to them. The developers recently launched an update that gave fans more than just some bug fixes and a new map in Fall Guys.

A bonus for fans

In a recent Tweet, the developers have revealed that players who log into the game are going to get something special. To compensate for the server issues that the game has been facing so far, players can grab a Legendary Prickles costume and 5,000 kudos.

The new Prickles skin is a variant of a skin made by a fan during the Make A Fall Guy contest. Of course, players can use the extra 5,000 kudos for whatever they want in the store.

Aside from these bonuses, the developers have also launched the new update. This new update features the Jump Showdown. In it, players will have to survive on a platform while a bar moves faster and faster. The difference from Jump Party is that the platforms will grow less over time.

What’s next?

The update for Fall Guys also hopes to fix a few server and performance issues that the game is facing. For now, players aren’t reporting any new issues with the game. However, it seems like players are still getting disconnected from time-to-time, albeit not as much now.

The developers are also hoping to add more content in the form of new mini-games and even new skins. The developer is also hoping to add more features in the future, so it will undoubtedly grow even further.

Fans are asking for more social features for the game. Currently, players can only send invites with up-to-four players. The game doesn’t even have an in-game voice chat. Players will want this added, along with the ability to create custom lobbies with select players.

The special bonuses will be up for a day only, so players should log in and grab them as soon as possible. Fall Guys is now out for the PC and PlayStation 4. The developers are hoping to expand the game to other platforms, but for now, they are focusing more on the current versions.

Image used courtesy of Devolver Digital/YouTube

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