‘Fall Guys’ devs open up about curbing cheaters

Mediatonic’s Fall Guys is supposed to be a fun and light-hearted experience. However, some overly competitive players have ruined the game by using cheats to gain the upper hand on players.

While Fall Guys is an amazing title, players can’t deny that the game has a cheating problem. The developers have been trying their best to ensure that the game is free of cheaters, and they’ve even made covert steps to control the issue.

Cheater island

In a tweet, the developers behind the hit title have shared that they’ve secretly implemented a special server called Cheater Island. Players who cheat on the game are put on the island, which means they could be facing off against each other. The developers decided to keep this as a secret so that cheaters won’t try to make their way out of it.

The developers soon discovered that the island was terrible for many reasons. For starters, games took very long to happen. This led to some players seeing what was actually going on. In some cases, even those who weren’t cheating were put on the island accidentally.

The solution was a good one, but it seems like the cons outweigh the pros. As per the tweet, the developers are officially closing Cheater Island. That isn’t to say they have given up on the fight against cheaters.

Epic comes in

To help with the cheater problem in Fall Guys, the developers are calling in the help of Epic. The company has done a great job controlling cheaters on Fortnite. It might do the game justice if they try their hand at it.

The cheats in the game come in all forms. The most common is the ability to jump high and stay there for extended periods. Since the game has a lot of platforming elements, it was nearly impossible to beat players who use these cheats.

To many, it was frustrating to lose the crown over another player who is blatantly cheating. It didn’t take long for hackers to get into the game after the title was launched.

Fall Guys does have a cheating problem, and the developers are good enough to admit it. The good news is that they are taking steps to control the matter. For now, the best players can do, is stay patient and hope that they don’t get matched up against cheaters and hackers.

Image used courtesy of Devolver Digital/YouTube

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