‘Fall Guys’ disables one feature to fight off cheaters

Fall Guys disables one feature to fight cheaters

Mediatonic taking another step in preventing cheaters in Fall Guys. Hackers plague the hit game since its release.

Fall Guys is taking the game charts by storms since its release. With its growing popularity, hackers are also making their way into the game. These players use invisible walls, speed boosts, and many more to take home the crown.

Mediatonic is trying its best to fight these hackers and ban them. However, these hackers found a workaround on the ban.

How hackers work and Mediatonic’s response

Whenever a hacker is reported or detected, they get a ban from developers. But, these cheaters easily find their way back into the game through a Steam feature.

Several accounts may share games through the Steam Family-Sharing feature. Hackers bypass Mediatonic by using multiple shared accounts.

This feature allows hackers to purchase the game one time but use several accounts to play. In turn, the previous bans have no sense as they can still play.

According to Mediatonic, they are currently disabling the feature. On a positive note, hackers who use this method won’t be able to play.

However, these also affects the legitimate players who share an account within their family.

Mediatonic added that they are currently working on some features to reduce cheaters. But it is still uncertain if the family sharing feature will be back anytime soon.

Fall Guys currently has thousands of concurrent players. With that high count, the developers might take a while to get rid of hackers.

Featured image used courtesy ofย Fall Guys/Steam

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