‘Fall Guys’ drops season 2 sneak peak

Fall Guys drops season 2 sneak peak

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has announced that season 2 will arrive this October. Mediatonic teased the season during Gamescon 2020.

The new season will feature different levels and more outfits to unlock. But one thing that players are looking forward to is the medieval-themed levels for Fall Guys.

According to Joe Walsh, the lead designer, “in season 2 you’ll be dressing your Fall Guy as a medieval hero and competing across brand new rounds inspired by epic quests from the middle ages.”

“Traverse giant drawbridges, dodge swinging axes, and scale movable siege ramps in the quest for ultimate game show glory,” Walsh added.

Previews show several skins for different characters. There is a castle-themed level as well where it seems like it is a race-to-the-top kind of game.

New costumes await players

As mentioned earlier, players may dress up their Fall Guy in different fashions. This upcoming season, medieval skins are finally coming.

Players may dress up as a knight, Viking, wizard, or a dragon. Witch costumes and royal knight armors are also available.

Walsh mentioned that the update is still on-going. There are still developments that the team is working on leading to the release.

Fall Guys medieval customs are coming soon

Breaking records since its launch

Released this August, this game is already one of the fastest-growing games to date. As proof of that, the game is already the most downloaded title in the PlayStation Plus.

Moving over to PC Gaming, this title shattered records as it sold 7 million copies on Steam alone.

It seems like Fall Guys hit the perfect recipe for a hit game. This upcoming season might even add more to its ever-growing player base.

Images used courtesy of DevolverDigital/YouTube Screenshot, Fall Guys/Steam

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