‘Fall Guys’ gives a first glimpse of upcoming season 3

Fall Guys gives a first glimpse of upcoming season 3

The developers of Fall Guys are currently busy working on the game’s third season as shown in a recent teaser posted on their official Twitter page.

Fall Guys is easily one of the biggest breakout stars of this year. Mediatonic and Devolver Digital only released the game last February. However, the game could soon enter its third season.

Just recently, the developers of the massively popular battle royale-style game teased fans with a preview of what they’re working on for season three.

Fall Guys season three teaser

Fall Guys has recruited a number of new developers to work on the upcoming new season of the game. Apparently, Mediatonic’s goal is to make the third season bigger than ever.

Taking to Twitter, the game’s developers shared a brief glimpse of a new level they’re working on for season three. And by a brief glimpse, what they actually mean is they don’t plan to give anything away. The image consists of a blurry of pink and purple colors, the all-encompassing color scheme of the game.

However, there are some interesting clues to take notice of. The image seems to hint at a wheel, possibly of a moving vehicle, approaching what seems to be a portion of a cube. The image is difficult to make out but that seems to be Mediatonic’s intention.

A bigger and better season three

Mediatonic is reportedly hard at work developing the third season of Fall Guys. Apparently, the reception for the second season of the game didn’t really meet the developers’ expectations.

Fall Guys season two just launched last month but it wasn’t as well-received as during the game’s launch. The game added many new levels for players to enjoy but people still preferred the ones from the first season.

For this reason, Mediatonic wants the third season to perform better than the second one. And they’re going all out to accomplish this goal. The company had reportedly hired many new developers to work on the game.

Reigniting player interest

The game had a meteoric rise to fame. During the first few months, hundreds of thousands of players were reportedly playing Fall Guys per day. But like most games, the hype didn’t last.

Right now, another independent game has taken over the scene. Among Us has become the favorite go-to game for both popular streamers, regular gamers, and just people in general. But that doesn’t mean Fall Guys is out of the mix just yet.

In fact, the game still has an impressive number of devoted players. Renowned streamers and gaming personalities like PewDiePie, Jacksepticeye, xQc, and Shroud still stream the game regularly. Twitch still hosts a Twitch Rivals event on the game.

So Mediatonic is still at an advantage if they want to reignite interest in Fall Guys, which they can surely do if they played their cards right for season three.

Featured image courtesy of Mediatonic/Fall Guys


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