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‘Fall Guys’ mid-season update released by developers


Fall Guys has been out for a month now, and we’re sure that players have already mastered all the obstacles in the game. Just when everyone thinks they’ve already got the hang of things, the developers are shaking everything up.

Mediatonics is bracing itself for the next season of Fall Guys, which launches on Oct. 6. Before launching the next season, the developer released a mid-season update, which does a lot of things for the game. Players who think they’ve seen it all in the game should check out the trailer.

Major changes

The mid-season update for the game adds a new twist on some of the game’s maps. These new twists are made to give players an exciting new way to enjoy the game. Aside from that, many believe that these new changes make the game much more difficult.

From the trailer, we can see the addition of new obstacles. For instance, there are now wrecking balls at the beginning of Hit Parade. This means players will need to be more mindful when moving through the balancing beams once the match starts.

The update also introduces Big Yeetus. This feature has been teased before, and it’s now a part of the game. Big Yeetus will appear randomly, and it’s a big hammer that spins around. Players can use this to their advantage and move forward. However, one wrong step, and they’ll be sent back instead.

This new Fall Guys update shakes up the levels that players have come to know and love in the game. By now, players should see the changes, and they’ll have to adjust to it accordingly.

What’s next?

The next step for the game is Season 2, which launches next month. The next season will have a medieval theme to it. Some of the new skins include a wizard and a knight.

Aside from new skins, the update will also make changes to the rotation of game modes. There are a lot of new ways to play as per the recent teaser of the next season. Fans are expecting to get more footage of the upcoming season as its release draws near.

Fall Guys is in for big changes. Not just with this big update, but with the coming new season as well. It’s not surprising that the game is getting a ton of dev support, as it is currently one of the top battle royales.

Image used courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube

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