‘Fall Guys’ reach record player numbers on launch of game

DevolverDigital’s Fall Guys just launched a few days back, and the game’s a big hit. Although wacky and clunky, the game has a lot of replayability and fun that’s just waiting to be explored.

Fall Guys is a new take on the battle royale genre. It’s a game that’s inspired by TV shows like Wipeout and Takeshi’s Castle. Since launching, the game has attained a lot of success, and millions of players are having fun with it. As per DigitalDevolver, they’ve just broken record numbers for the game.

The game breaks a new record

On the official Twitter account of the game, it was announced that the record for the number of players had been broken. As per the tweet, the game had garnered a staggering 1.5 million players in total.

Since there are literally over a million players jumping in on the game, the game might have hit a snag when it comes to matchmaking. During the launch, players experienced various server issues, but the developers have promised that they are already working out things.

The success of the game wasn’t expected even by Digital Devolver. Since the announcement, the game’s servers have been performing quite well, and players are expecting fewer issues from the game.

Why is it such a hit?

There are a lot of reasons why Fall Guys is considered such a hit. For starters, DevolverDigital went the same route as other amazing titles by making the game free-to-play for PS Plus subscribers. As it is free for a huge number of people, a lot more have access to the game.

Another reason is that the game is simply a fun and simple title. As compared to other battle royales, there are no stress-inducing moments. People of all ages can enjoy it, and most importantly, it can be played with up to three other friends.

Games are also quick and fast-paced. Even if players are eliminated early, they can simply quit and queue into a match. Overall, an entire show will last around 15-20 minutes or even less so players can squeeze in several games whenever they want.

Fall Guys is now out for the PC and PlayStation 4. It’s an exciting take on the popular battle royale genre that players shouldn’t miss out on. Hopefully, the developers expand the game with more minigames and even collectible cosmetics as players are surely going to want more.

Image used courtesy of Fall Guys/Twitter

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