‘Fall Guys’ Season 2 introduces new customization options

DevolverDigital is readying Fall Guys Season 2, which launches later this month. They are going to introduce a ton of new features and gameplay elements to the battle royale, but there’s more to it than that.

After the long wait, Fall Guys Season 2 is finally going to launch this Oct. 8. The new season will be medieval-themed. Most importantly, it is going to bring a set of new customization options that can help every bean set themselves apart from others.

Banners and nicknames

In a reveal, the Fall Guys twitter account showed off more ways players can customize their characters in the battle royale. The two new features are banners and nicknames. The developers have yet to reveal the options available for us for these two new customization choices.

Currently, players are allowed to change the face, top, bottom, print, taunt, and victory emote of their characters. Based on the teaser, some of the available banners include a watermelon design, pizza design, and the LGBTQ pride flag, which is a great way to represent the community.

As for the nicknames, one of the confirmed options so far is ‘good egg,’ ‘rookie,’ and much more. It’s likely that the rewards will be acquired by progressing through the game’s battle pass. Fans are hoping that some of the nicknames can at least be unlocked by completing certain achievements.

Players are excited based on the replies that the tweets got. Essentially, the small addition makes customization more personal in the game.

Ye Olde Season 2

Fall Guys Season 2 has a new medieval theme. The trailer reveals that skins such as wizards, knights, and dragons are going to be a part of the new battle pass. The addition of new customization options further deepens the game. It’s a testament to the developer’s future plans for the title.

Aside from skins and other cosmetics based on the medieval setting, the game will also introduce appropriate new stages for the theme. So far, we’ve seen stages where players will be tasked with pushing building blocks to get over walls.

The new season hopes to up the variety when it comes to the stages that players get to participate in.

New customization options will help players stand out more. Fall Guys Season 2 launches on Oct. 8, and fans are already eagerly anticipating it. Hopefully, the developers show us more juicy details before the next season finally arrives.

Image used courtesy of DevolverDigital/YouTube

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