‘Fall Guys’ Season 2 now live – everything new in the battle royale

Devolver Digital has finally launched the highly anticipated Fall Guys Season 2, and players will have more than their fair share of falls. Apart from new stages, this season brings a lot of new content.

Fall Guys Season 2 is now live, so players can join in on some medieval antics with their fall guy. Mediatonic and Devolver Digital are upping their game for the second season with the amount of content that’s coming. Here’s everything that players should expect to see from here on out.

New skins

The new season will be all about medieval things. As this is the general theme of the season, players should expect some proper attire to be awarded in the battle pass. Currently, some of the confirmed skins include a knight, a mage, a dragon, and even a Viking.

Over at the official Twitter account of the game, the developers also revealed four more skins are coming to the game. These are an orc, a horse, a jester, and a princess. We’ve yet to know if these will be a part of the battle pass. These could be the skins in rotation at the game’s shop as well. Hopefully, some of these skins become a part of the battle pass.

New stages

This is the huge chunk of what players will enjoy in the game. Fall Guys Season 2 will introduce a ton of new stages. One of which is Knight Fever. In this survival stage, players will have to survive a gauntlet of swinging axes, rolling spikes, and more.

Another new stage is Tall Guys, which sees players trying to get up a high wall. To get over, players will need to push blocks together, which can be used as platforms.

New features

The season is arriving with new features as well. Most notably, players will soon be able to use nicknames and backgrounds to customize their profiles. These will help players stand out much better. There are a ton of name backgrounds that will be available at the start of the season. Some of these might be unlockable through the new battle pass.

Fall Guys Season 2 will be around for at least a few months, so players should do their best to collect all the crowns and rewards. This medieval-themed season of the battle royale will have a ton of surprises along the way, so players should definitely join in on the fun as soon as they can.

Image used courtesy of Devolver Digital/YouTube

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