‘Fall Guys Season 2’ will add 600% more crowns

Fall Guys Season 2 will make crowns easier to earn for everyone. Players will get 600% more crowns for leveling up, which means an extra 18 crowns.

In Fall Guys, there are only two ways to win a crown—win a game or progress through the season. Even then, players can only get three crowns in an entire season. Mediatonic is about to change that, with Fall Guys Season 2 adding 18 extra crowns.

Player beans can get 18 more crowns

Season 2 is right around the corner for the jiggly beans of Fall Guys, and a ton of content is on the way. New maps, costumes, and featured skins are on the way. Mediatonic even announced a featured costume from GRIS worth 10 crowns.

Even then, players are starting to complain that they barely have a crown or two to use. Mediatonic wanted to remedy this by adjusting the number of crowns players can get.

“We’ve heard you all of your feedback loud and clear,” said their official Twitter. “Winning crowns in Fall Guys against 59 other beans can sometimes be a little challenging. For Season 2, we’ve added over 600% more golden crowns into the Season rewards… FEATURED COSTUMES FOR EVERYONE!”

They followed up with another announcement about potential titles and nameplates. Mediatonic will likely add nameplates to their most competitive players.

“We’ve also come up with a new way to reward our most competitive players that will hit the game beyond Season 2… it’s very spicy,” said the tweet. “Since I do be out here teasing things… I’ll probably tell you about THE NAMEPLATES in a few days.”

More crowns should motivate players to play

Fall Guys Season 2 is coming in less than a week, and players can’t be more excited. 18 more crowns, for a total of 21, will let players get at least two to three featured costumes. It will help motivate people to play more, even if they don’t win.

It will still take a while before players gather enough to complete those, but it’s better motivation for winning. Even then, giving everyone more crowns means more people can afford those features costumes.

Season 2 will be adding a lot to the game. The theme is knights, wizards, and dragons, so that fans can get much cool stuff for their beans. A few weeks ago, Mediatonic did a mid-season update that improved the gameplay.

Fall Guys Season 2 will launch on October 6. Fans will likely hear more over the next few days about what to expect from it. Fall Guys is a fun time, and more maps mean more things to do.

Featured image courtesy of DevolverDigital/Youtube Screenshot

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