‘Fall Guys Season 4’ confirmed coming ‘to the future’


Fall Guys Season 4 is on its way, with Mediatonic confirming that the platformer battle royale will be “traveling to the future” soon.

In a tweet, Mediatonic confirmed details for the upcoming Fall Guys Season 4. They will be doing some dabbling with the future, going to 4041 “soon.” The new season comes from the weaker Season 3.5 which had the lowest concurrent players ever.

Fall Guys hype flattens

Fall Guys is the breakout title of 2020, becoming one of the best party titles of the pandemic. Together with Among Us, Mediatonic’s platformer defined the hype of the 2020 pandemic, with as many as 172,000+ concurrent players.

Even then, trends go on a downline and the game is slowly losing steam. The game still has a ton of active players, flattening the curve between 6,000 to 12,000 players daily. Now, the company is pushing for the next season, after its dismal Season 3.5.

Mediatonic announced Season 4 over the game’s official Twitter account, together with a contest. So far, the tweet hints at a likely cyberpunk aesthetic, complete with an 80s pink net line logo.

Fall Guys Season 3, named Winter Knockout, came out in December. The entire season released seven new rounds, tons of new costumes, and many obstacles to boot.

There was a mid-season update in January that added a new level and more variations to existing courses. There’s also a brand-spanking-new DLC and great costumes too.

New season comes ahead of Xbox, Switch release

So far, Fall Guys Season 4 is preparing itself for more consoles. The game has only been on PC and PS4, the latter of which they made record downloads. Last week, the game announced that it’s coming to Xbox and Nintendo Switch this summer.

“The rest of the team and myself at Mediatonic have been hard at work concocting more and more elaborate schemes for future content and I really feel Xbox players will be joining the Fall Guys shenanigans at a particularly exciting time,” said Joe Walsh, Mediatonic’s lead game designer.

“There’s a delicious selection of dapper costumes, imaginative rounds, features and improvements in the pipeline and I can’t wait to share them all with our lovely new Xbox audience this Summer.”

The game has already sold more than 11 million copies on PC, getting the “most-downloaded title of all time” on the PS Plus. The company’s looking forward to a fresh crop of players from Xbox and the Switch, where similar party games are available too.

Fall Guys Season 4 is coming soon. For more information, you can check their Twitter account or updates on Steam too.

Featured image courtesy of Fall Guys/Youtube Screenshot

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