‘Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout’ adds Godzilla into the game


Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has another crossover in the works. Now, the official Godzilla is coming to the game as a new bean skin.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout seems to have its pudgy paws on pop culture these days. In a Twitter announcement, the game will be having a Godzilla costume, complete with a dinosaur head and tights.

Beans to get Godzilla skin

Over the past few weeks, Fall Guys has tried its best to cram as many references as possible. Recently, the game added a Sonic the Hedgehog skin for the beans. It was a cool addition, on top of what they already have.

There was also the Gris costume they had available for 10 crowns. They even had a Gordon Freeman skin around the start of Season 1. Now, the comedy coop game will have Godzilla on the game.

It’s not a simple crossover either, adding an off-brand Godzilla just for kicks. It’s the original “Gojira” from Toho, using the original 1954 design too.

“LOL. I can’t explain how excited I am to let you know that GODZILLA will be coming to Fall Guys next week,” said the tweet. “THE GODZILLA. @TOHO_GODZILLA. THE ACTUAL GODZILLA. LITERALLY GODZILLA. OFFICIAL GODZILLA. Better start getting your crowns together now.”

There isn’t much information on the tweet, but it seems similar to what it says on the tin. The King of Monsters will be available on the official shop. It’s as much as everyone will get for now, which is a bit disappointing.

Fall Guys and Godzilla’s weird history

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout and Godzilla share a specific history, for how tenuous it was. It all harkens back to the inspiration for the game, Takeshi’s Castle.

Takeshi’s Castle has many connections to pop culture in Japan. Among the most common ways for contestants to enjoy is to wear a mascot costume. Among the usual specials they have is a Monster Special that adds several kaiju in the episode.

If they have access to the Godzilla franchise, they should do more than a simple costume. It’s even Halloween, so the game should try to use the King of Monsters in some of the maps.

For example, Godzilla can stomp around and be a nuisance to the beans. He can also be in the background, trying to look menacingly and breathing flames.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is weeks into Season 2. The game is still adding more info in the weeks to come, so everyone can always dive in. Mediatonic doesn’t have an exact date about the Godzilla skin yet.

Featured image courtesy of Fall Guys/Twitter

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