‘Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout’ beats AAA games on Steam

Devolver Digital’s party game Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is making more records. After the superbly successful beta, the game is now beating AAA titles.

So far, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout seems to be the freshest game of the year. The title has an all-time concurrent high of 124,772 this weekend. This comes in contrast to other games like Destiny 2, DOOM Eternal, and Horizon Zero Dawn.

Fall Guys lets players live their Takeshi’s Castle dreams

Devolver Digital’s battle royale a la Takeshi’s Castle is getting superb reception. The game is fresh, colorful, and accessible to many players across all ages. The entire situation is grand, considering the Fall Guys team only had 30 members.

The small team, however, worked to their benefit. The game is not only fun, but it’s also tight and responsive to control. People are having fun with the Wipeout-style title for the cost of a B-level game.

The fun people are experiencing is translating well in both sales and concurrent players. Fall Guys currently has a peak concurrent player count of 124,772 on SteamDB. Their current average fluctuates anywhere between 70 – 90,000 per day.

In contrast, Monster Hunter World last week had a peak of 73,733 players. DOOM Eternal has an all-time peak of 104,891. The freshly released Horizon Zero Dawn, while mired with bugs, had a peak of 56,557.

So far, Fall Guys is trying to compete with other staple multiplayer games. Its figures still can’t win against the likes of CS: GO and PUBG.

Even then, the Steam figures don’t count players who are enjoying the game on PS4. The game is part of this month’s free game list on the PS+.

Ultimate Knockout is having “good” problems

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has a ton of players falling. All this success, however, does not come with consequences. So far, what’s “giving up” are Devolver’s servers.


The Fall Guys servers repeatedly went down over the past week. The game is struggling to serve the rapid influx of players who want to play. So far, dev team Mediatonic and Devolver Digital have remedied the situation.

The game is running like clockwork now and is enticing more and more people to play. It helps that the entire title is an all-ages type of competition. Everything looks fun, and anyone at home can enjoy the game online.

For players who are looking for a fresh new game to enjoy, this is likely the game. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout lets gamers fulfill their Wipeout TV dreams at home. This title is one of those moments where it isn’t wrong to be a part of the statistics.

Images courtesy of DevolverDigital/Youtube Screenshot

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