‘Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout’ sold 7 million copies on Steam

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has now sold over 7 million copies on Steam. Publisher Devolver Digital announced the numbers on Twitter today.

The generally non-violent party game battle royale is 2020’s surprise hit. Amidst all the AAA titles out there, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout captivated fans. While Devolver is among the more prominent publishers out there, this is their biggest launch ever.

Fall Guys is Mediatonic and Devolver’s biggest title

Mediatonic and Devolver Digital broke the news today on their Twitter channel. The same announcement mentions that the game is the most downloaded PS Plus title of all time. That says a lot, as PS Plus has a ton of games on offer.

Fall Guys is not Mediatonic’s first foray into success. The devs have existed as a small-time indie dev team since 2005. Among their more successful games include the superb dating sim Hatoful Girlfriend.

Even then, they had nothing like Fall Guys in their long list of titles. Not even Devolver Digital had a game launch as successful as this game. The studio is famous for games like Hotline Miami, Serious Sam, My Friend Pedro, and more.

There’s a ton of positive reviews about Fall Guys, with the title being a revolutionary Takeshi’s Castle type title. The game is wholesome and friendly, with colorful obstacles akin to the N64 Mario Party.

It’s hard not to love Fall Guys, especially as players see the potential to it. Removing the cheaters, the title is a competition of pure skill and hours of fun. With the game adding more content soon, it’s only going to get better.

Fall Guys has universal acclaim as a fun, competitive game

For those who are yet to play it, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a 60-bean battle royale. The title even outpaces many AAA titles, including Capcom’s Monster Hunter: World. All the love comes from the niche the game fills.


Fall Guys is competitive and more challenging than it looks. The level of precision and skill needed to come out on top is ridiculous. The team games take not only cooperation but also gobs of luck.

In some cases, there will be team maps where much of the team gives up. If players go on, they can carry their teammates to victory. The fun factor also turns up to 11 when everyone wins through the skin of their teeth.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is only going up from here. The title is adding more maps, more content, and more skins for players to enjoy. Even video game companies are trying to collab with Devolver to get some of that Fall Guys action.

Images courtesy of DevolverDigital/YouTube Screenshot

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