‘Fall Guys’ will add a candy pink hammer called ‘Big Yeetus’

'Fall Guys' will add a candy pink hammer called 'Big Yeetus'

Fall Guys is making the community bonkers with upcoming in-game content. The game’s Twitter is talking about a “Big Yeetus,” and claim it’s their “main character.”

Big Yeetus is not a new bean or a new costume, but rather a gigantic candy cane hammer. The tongue in cheek jokes about this massive mallet is making an uproar on Twitter. Fall Guys fans are going nuts, and nobody is sure how it works.

The game’s official channel hasn’t stopped talking about it for six hours. So far, the tirade is becoming a gaming meme moment for everyone within its reach.

Big Yeetus will bring chaos to different maps

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is the surprise hit of 2020, and by first-hand experience, it’s loads of fun. It’s colorful, competitive, and has one of the friendliest communities out there. Its age range also goes wide, making the game a great title for gamers 3 to 103.

One of the new additions that the game’s official Twitter account is teasing is the “Big Yeetus.” The name comes from the fact that the striped pink hammer will yeet players everywhere. According to the posts, it seems it will come at random intervals.

The Big Yeetus will be an agent of chaos within different maps. A gif suggests that it will be in the maps to throw players forward or backward. It can be either a beneficial force or a gigantic obstacle for everyone.

Gamers are going gaga over the pink yeet hammer

The Big Yeetus in Fall Guys is making a ton of hype across Twitter. So far, the official channel has incessantly talked about this hellacious pink hammer for six hours. They also did everything, from request fan art to even make stories about it.

The channel calls the hammer their only “main character,” albeit in a tongue-in-cheek manner. The channel even tried to bother Norman Reedus to voice the hammer. They’re asking him to voice a single word, “YEET,” which makes the hammer “Norman Yeetus.”

The Big Yeetus also generated a lot of love and lollygagging from the community. People are drawing things about it, which the official channel also kept sharing with everyone. It’s a gaming moment that keeps on giving.

So far, “Big Yeetus” as a marketing campaign works. It’s creating hype for a somehow basic addition to the game. It increases fan engagement, which piles the hype even further.

Fall Guys recently put the hype to good use, raising US$1 million for the charity “Special Effect.” The charity dedicates itself to improving the lives of gamers with disabilities all over the United States.

Featured image courtesy of DevolverDigital/Youtube Screenshot

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