‘Fallout 4’ Dogmeat model River passed away this weekend


Fallout 4 companion Dogmeat’s real-life model, River, passed away today, with her passing over the rainbow bridge announced in Twitter.

Joel Burgess, the lead level designer and a game designer for Fallout 4, announced the passing of River. The dog, who was a German Shepherd, was a crucial part of the development of the game.

River won Top Video Game Dog as Dogmeat

In a tweet, Joel announced that River passed away. His dog was among the few reasons why Dogmeat was a German Shepherd. She also got close enough to the members of the dev team that more people added her personality into the dog.

River also won Top Video Game Dog in 2015’s World Dog Awards. With that said, the beautiful dog is now in heaven. Burgess even notes that he is trying to distract himself from grieving.

“I said goodbye today to River, who most of you know as Fallout 4’s Dogmeat,” said Burgess. “Heartbroken doesn’t cover it, but I won’t eulogize her here. For twitter, I thought it’d be appropriate to look back at her impact on that game. (plus, writing about game dev hurts less than grieving)”

Dogmeat is one of the most beloved companions of the Fallout franchise. Most mainline Fallout titles had an iteration of Dogmeat, with Fallout: New Vegas being an exception. Even in New Vegas, there was still a dog companion named Rex.

Dogmeat was player’s tether in FO4

Fallout 4 came out in 2015 and among the first hyped companions was Dogmeat. The entire point of Dogmeat was to have a companion that will ground players. Among companions, Dogmeat stayed loyal regardless of preferences.

“We also crafted the dog’s combat AI to focus on holding enemies in place. Direct damage and finishing moves are secondary. (He also HATES being too far from you),” said Burgess in a long post. “This didn’t just give Dogmeat a distinctive combat style from other companion NPCs; it was a character choice.

“Dogmeat is a tether. He grounds you in the world, will always stand by you, lead you to your family, and anticipate your needs. He wants you to be safe and happy. In other words, he loves you. And if love is River’s legacy, I am contented. Rest in peace, big girl.”

For fans who own a dog or even a cat, it’s heartbreaking when a fur baby dies. If there’s any solace to River’s life, she gave Fallout 4 fans some of the best moments of their lives. River gave a semblance of happiness to players everywhere.

Featured image courtesy of Gamespot/Youtube Screenshot

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