‘Fallout 76’ Season One players are not happy with the game


Season one for Fallout 76 started this week, and so far, players are unhappy. The season, named “The Legendary Run,” is annoying players with its clunky rewards.

Fallout 76 kicked off their season pass with a board-game style season. As players do a variety of tasks, they move through the board and receive rewards as a result. Players, as a collective, play as Captain Cosmos against the evil Dr. Zorbo in the game.

What irks players is one “legendary reward” that offers little value to them. With how things are turning out, players are counting Bethesda’s sins once again.

Current season pass reward criticized

Like many season passes, players not only improve in rank as they do season tasks. They also get rewards for ranking up, from paltry ammo to armors and more. The fourth out of 100 unlocks for the season is the “Ammopoints Ammo Converter.”

So far, players don’t have to waste a lot of time to get S.C.O.R.E. points. The S.C.O.R.E is the equivalent of “rating” in some season passes. It’s the “exp” needed to improve the player’s rank.

The ammo converter is a doodad for the player’s C.A.M.P., used as a part of “Resources.” The use of the contraption is straightforward, too, making it fairly useful.

The AAC offers to convert useless ammo for players into the type they use. It’s a straightforward utility that offers a good exchange. Even then, criticism comes to the machine, specifically due to its design and interface.

Bethesda gaffe has players asking about the new season

The current conversation of r/fo76 is showing why people are angry with Fallout 76 and Bethesda. The decision to have a contraption that allows the exchange of ammo is a weird one.


Many players will have thousands of ammo, which makes the exchanger moot. Even if the players use the converter, it only trades a handful at a time. Once the exchange starts, players are force-returned to the home screen and redo the transaction.

While a few dozen ammo makes it convenient, the limit is too low for vets. Thousands of ammo means hours of needing to exchange. People chalk this up to Bethesda’s disconnect with the needs of the fan base.

Season one seems like a disappointment, like Bethesda’s canvas bag and the Fallout 1st controversies. A redditor calculated the trajectory for FO76’s first season, and it’s “Battlefront” impossible.

Players who want to get the rank 100 without buying ranks would need 220,000 S.C.O.R.E. To receive that much XP points, players would need to play for 10 weeks straight. They would also need to finish every daily and weekly task nonstop, which nets 215,000.

The first season pass for Fallout 76 is free, but players can buy added levels. Bethesda’s offering is a much better game now, but it’s too little too late.

Images courtesy of Bethesda/YouTube Screenshot

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