‘Fallout 76: Steel Dawn’ expansion is now live


Fallout 76: Steel Dawn expansion is now live, with a surprising early launch from Bethesda. The Brotherhood of Steel is now in the Appalachia earlier than expected.

Fallout 76: Steel Dawn is a much-awaited expansion for Bethesda’s much-maligned online game. The Brotherhood of Steel, slated to come on December 1, came this week, a few days earlier than expected.

The expansion is live on all platforms, including PC and consoles. They also released changes that are coming with the brand new expansion.

Steel Dawn is crucial to get players back

Steel Dawn is a much-needed improvement for Fallout 76. The game has become quite stale even with many of the changes they added.

The grind is repetitive, and Bethesda has started looking for ways to remedy their plight.

The Battle Pass for Fallout 76, for example, is a grind fest to players. Unless players buy levels passes, most gamers are looking at hundreds of gameplay hours to reach max rank.

Many note how players need to play every day for eight weeks to maximize their battle pass.

Bethesda hopes Steel Dawn will be the answer to the bleeding they experience. Fallout’s Brotherhood of Steel is popular among their player base for many reasons.

The addition of new Power Armors, quest lines, and NPC hopefully should do the trick.

“Today we’re releasing our Steel Dawn update for #Fallout76 ahead of schedule,” said their official Twitter post. “You will be able to experience the all-new Steel Dawn questline, your very own C.A.M.P. Shelter, and more!”

New expansion overhauls current mechanics and quests

The introduction of Fallout 76: Steel Dawn creates fresher gameplay for all their players. The update adds a few mechanics that are crucial to changing the landscape of the game.

For starters, players would now get a revamped hunger and thirst meter. Before, hunger and thirst offer significant debuffs to players. The mechanic was not popular in the community.

Now, instead of debuffs when hungry or thirsty, players will get significant boosts when well-fed. The buffs increase depending on how well players are well-fed and hydrated.

Steel Dawn also adds new Brotherhood of Steel questlines and lore. The expansion explores the first chapter of their return to Appalachia, years after they abandoned the locale. Players can meet new characters and get unique rewards.

There are also significant changes to the shelter system in-game, together with cool new weapons and armors. Bundle prices are also now lower for the entire game.

Players can now start playing Fallout 76: Steel Dawn. The expansion is free for all existing Fallout 76 players.

Featured image courtesy of Bethesda Softworks/Youtube Screenshot

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