‘Fallout: New Vegas’ still resonates ten years after its release


Fallout: New Vegas celebrates its 10th anniversary today since its first launch in 2010. A decade after, it’s still a vital part of the gaming landscape.

Fallout: New Vegas is among the most-lauded titles of all time. While it’s not a technical masterpiece, it’s one of the best narratives ever told. The level of immersion and world-building it gave was enough to make it a legend for its time.

New Vegas immerses players unlike any other

The story of New Vegas is much like any modern RPG. The player, left for dead in the Mojave Wasteland, defies death. He starts a journey looking for the person who shot him and eventually embroils himself in the region’s problem.

The Courier, the player character’s “name,” becomes a key figure in the Wasteland’s future.

Depending on the player’s choice, he allows one of the local factions to take the Wasteland. Players can also take it for themselves and become their new leader.

There’s nothing new with the story of New Vegas, but it is a masterclass in narrative storytelling.

Players can immerse themselves in hundreds upon hundreds of choices. Every action the player does will matter in the long run.

Many also laud the sheer number of choices that players can do. The roleplay potential was almost endless. It’s crazy that the game only had an 18-month development cycle.

Fallout: NV 2 can still happen

Fallout: New Vegas is a decade old now, and people still remember how good it was. Every player who enjoyed its world can remember its bleakness and how impressive it was. It was a world that took in every story and let players can enjoy it.

New Vegas influenced subsequent Fallouts and even other games. Fallout 4 and even Fallout 76 took many of its crafting mechanics from Obsidian’s creation. Bethesda even tried to recreate the narrative complexity of the game.

Obsidian tried to recreate the same magic with The Outer Worlds. While the humor was there, Outer Worlds was a mere AA recreation of a superb title. Bethesda is failing with Fallout 76 and its horrendous world-building.

Obsidian and Bethesda are now under one umbrella. People are asking if a Fallout: New Vegas 2 is even possible now. Fans are still looking for the magical storytelling that the game offered.

A sequel to New Vegas might never happen. Bethesda tanked the Fallout world so much that anything below a masterpiece can save it. Even then, Obsidian, with the next New Vegas, can do it with the right budget.

Fallout: New Vegas is now ten years old, but its story holds up. Its ability to immerse players is still something they can feel today.

Featured image courtesy of Many A True Nerd/YouTube Screenshot

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