‘Fallout Shellter Online’: Best tips for new Vault Overseers

Bethesda’s follow-up to Fallout Shelter is now live in some regions, and lots of players are having fun collecting iconic characters and leading their vaults. Fallout Shelter Online is more complicated than it’s predecessor, and it’s a huge upgrade as well.

Many players are just now opening up their vaults in Fallout Shelter OnlineTo the surprise of many, there are a lot of new mechanics and features to consider this time around. Here are our tips for becoming a more successful Vault Overseer in the game.

Always focus on upgrading/building resource centers first

Like in the first game, there are many resources to manage in the game. These include caps, water, electricity, and food. These are vital for the development of a player’s vault. Caps are used for crafting, buying, and upgrading equipment. Water is used for leveling up a dweller’s perks. Food is used for leveling up a dweller. Electricity is used to upgrade and build new rooms.

Whenever there are upgrades available, players should focus on these first. Not only will adding new resource rooms ramp up the production, but it also maximizes the capacity of a certain resource as well.

Pick the right people for the right job

Each of the vault dwellers has its specialty. Some are better at managing electricity, some are better at managing water. Placing the dwellers in the right rooms will increase their productivity substantially, allowing players to maximize their dwellers and rooms.

Power-up who’s necessary

In Fallout Shelter Online, players can take up to five dwellers on adventures throughout the Commonwealth.  To save on resources and materials, it’s best to power up only those who are necessary. Players should set aside the dwellers who are going to fight for them. These spots are generally reserved for dwellers with SSR or SR ratings.

Some attachments work better with others

The game doesn’t tell this immediately, but some attachment sets work well with specific dwellers. For instance, the Vampiric set provides Desdemona with bonus and a unique skill. Players should check out their attachment first to see if it’s compatible with certain dwellers as this will improve their power levels substantially.

Fallout Shelter Online is currently available in some regions in South East Asia. Its full launch will be sometime later this year. Those who are playing the game should follow these tips so that they can become better overseers in the game.


Image used courtesy of Google PlayStore

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