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Fallout Shelter Online: Structures to prioritize in the vault


Fallout Shelter Online will let players assume the role of a Vault’s overseer after the original goes missing. Seeing as this is a monumental task at hand, players should learn a few tips before venturing out into the wasteland.

In Fallout Shelter Online, base building is still a huge aspect of the game. Like in the original game, players will still need to fit and upgrade their vaults with certain structures to keep the dwellers alive and happy. Here are the structures that players should focus on getting and upgrading first.

Power Generator

The power generator is the vault’s source of electricity. Like in the first game, electricity is used to build more structures and upgrade the vault in general. Getting more and upgrading their power generators should be a vault overseer’s first priority as, without it, it will take them some time to build more structures.

Players should also man this part of the vault with dwellers that have the appropriate perk, so productivity is maximized.


Once players reach a high enough level, it becomes longer to accumulate the right amount of food and water to upgrade dwellers. When this happens, the radar can help players get those extra resources on top of the resource structures.

Once the radar is available, players should build it fast. In Fallout Shelter Online, the radar is used to scout ruins and other player’s bases. Overseers will then have to pick some of their dwellers to pillage or rummage through the ruins. After eight hours, the players will be rewarded with a hefty amount of water, food, or caps.


Attachments can be a dweller’s way of becoming stronger. Players can get attachments simply by going on quests, but the drops are random, and most of the time, players are left with unwanted attachments in their inventory. Instead of selling them for caps, players can do other things to put them to good use.

The workshop allows players to craft their own attachments, even letting them choose which dweller role they are looking for an attachment for. All players need are some extra attachment parts that they can recycle and refurbish into new ones.

Fallout Shelter Online is currently live in some regions in Asia. Vault overseers playing now can get a head start over others, so it’s best that they maximize the opportunity at hand while the competition is still small.

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