‘Fallout Van Buren’ to revive as ‘New Vegas’ mod


A mod for New Vegas will revive what was known as Fallout Van Buren, which should be the third Fallout title in the franchise.

Back in the early 2000s, Fallout creator, Black Isle Studios planned on creating a sequel for their first two Fallout titles. Codenamed Fallout Van Buren, the original title will now revive as a mod for New Vegas.

Van Buren became downfall for Fallout creators

Van Buren was a legend among Fallout die-hards, as it was the title that led to the downfall of Black Isle Studios. Prior to its development, Black Isle attempted to make two new Fallout games.

At the time, Black Isle tried to work onto Van Buren once Interplay canceled development for Baldur’s Gate III: Black Hound. Interplay itself was working onto their own console Fallout, titled Brotherhood of Steel.

Over time, software publisher Titus Software focused on Interplay’s version instead. With some key personnel leaving Black Isle, the company canceled the development in its entirety, with much of the team moving to different games.

Now, the canceled title will see the light of day as PC Gamer chanced upon Revelation Blues on the Nexus. Revelation Blues aims to recreate the Fallout 2 sequel in New Vegas, following the supposed design path for the title.

New mod will treat FO:NV as non-canon

Revelation Blues will revive Fallout Van Buren back to its supposed glory and much more. The narrative of the game will follow a few places in the franchise that were only referenced but do exist.

Van Buren was set to be a part of the Midwest Commonwealth around 2253, 28 years before the events of Fallout New Vegas. In the game, players would take up the role of an escaped prisoner evading his robotic captors.

“Everything from the base game will be included in this remake,” noted the creators in the mod’s description, registered as The United West Team. “We will stay faithful to the original Van Buren story as much as possible, and in the future we plan to add in a large number of customized features. As of now, the project is still a WIP.”

The mod itself will follow the move for most standard Fallout New Vegas mods. The game will follow the physics of New Vegas, planning to merge several mods into theirs. They will likely improve on the graphics of the base game, following an “enhanced edition”.

To prevent any canonical details from conflicting with the narrative, the modders will also treat New Vegas as non-canon. Whether Fallout Van Buren will live again through this project, only time can tell.

Featured image courtesy of Fallout: Revelation Blue/Youtube Screenshot

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