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Fan favorite character will be the next ‘Modern Warfare’ operator


New teaser trailer for Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone has been released. The trailer shows Captain Price – a beloved character of the series.

After bringing a few characters back to life, it seems Captain Price is ready to be added as Call of Duty’s next operator.

Now that Season 3 is almost over, Infinity Ward is starting to build the hype for Modern Warfare and Warzone’s Season 4. One teaser in particular has fans cheering as it features Captain Price, one of the franchise’s most iconic heroes, as a playable character.

Alerts for everyone

While the campaign mode didn’t let players control the character, Captain Price is featured on almost all campaign missions. He acts as a leader and mentor to the other characters in the solo campaign mode.

The recent Season 4 teaser didn’t directly state that he will be the new operator but the cameo is pretty obvious. Yesterday, Activision started sending notifications to its Call of Duty Mobile users.

The notification stated that an important intel will be revealed. In line with that, a newsletter containing a video was sent to all the games players.

Teaser trailer revealed

The trailer is a YouTube video showing a phone conversation between Victor Zakhaev and Al-Asad. They are two of the game’s most popular villains.

In the trailer, Al-Asad is talking about their enemies recruiting a new senior operator. The screen then shows a blurry image of Captain Price along with his iconic uniform. Al-Asad also said that he is an old friend and that he will cause them huge problems. There have been operator leaks in the past and have been accurate ever since.

Captain Price was not in those leaks, but the trailer seems to be a desperate move from the developers. The character has already been designed thanks to his role in the campaign. In addition, he has also been in all Modern Warfare games so operator skins will not be a problem. Including him in the game is a no-brainer for Infinity Ward.

Captain Price is coming

The developers will soon reveal the news as Season 3 nears its end. Infinity Ward has confirmed they have a lot of new content for Season 4 and Captain Price will just be the icing on the cake.

There is still no solid proof that Captain Price will join the popular shooting game. However, the gaming community is suggesting that the teaser could be to introduce Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War or something new for Warzone’s Season 4.

Featured image courtesy of GameKiller346/Youtube Screenshot

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