Fan-made Animal Crossing: New Horizons Naruto outfits codes

New Horizons Naruto Outfits Codes Sample Demo

Players of Animal Crossing: New Horizons would have been inundated with fan-made costumes right now, ranging from popular IPs to anime, etc. But if the long and still growing list was not enough, more are still coming.

To add to New Horizon’s still expanding wardrobe of costumes are some fan-made outfits based on the popular anime, Naruto. But do not let the word ‘fan-made,’ put you into thinking that the costumes don an amateurish look. The reality is actually farther from that misconception.

These costumes, to say the least, are nothing short of amazing.

Credits go to the Twitter user @bovimier for sharing his wonderful creations.

Naruto Across Different Timeline

Who would best start off this showcase than a set of outfits designed after the protagonist himself, Uzumaki Naruto?

If you are a fan of the anime series, then you would have already how are quirky protagonist had changed along the way. While his character makes one of those changes, his costumes made ostensive alterations throughout, too.

  • Young Naruto: MO-HXWF-L3QN-WFGB
  • Teen Naruto (Shippuuden): MO-NRDP-J1P8-VY7D
  • Sage Naruto: MO-XQTM-3MQ3-557B
  • Hokage Naruto: MO-GS8Y-2LBW-T902

The Legendary Three Ninjas

Even before Naruto entered the scene, Konoha is already a home to the Sannins. Literally translating to ‘Legendary Three Ninjas’—namely Tsunade, Jiraiya, and Orochimaru.

Who would not want to sport any of these amazing costumes know all that?

  • Tsunade: MO-2XSR-N9HP-CLWN
  • Jiraiya: MO-HDGX-J3G3-C7PS
  • Orochimaru: MO-5LQQ-QWRY-Y67J

Sasuke Across Different Timeline

The Naruto series is not complete without Naruto’s childhood friend and rival, Uchiha Sasuke. Like our unconventional protagonist, we have seen first-hand how Sasuke has changed along the way—not just in the direction of his cause, but most importantly, of appearance, too.

Paired with the right hairstyle, any of these costumes are a definite must-have to mimic one of Naruto’s iconic figures.

  • Young Sasuke: MO-H7SR-3TGB-81B6
  • Teen Sasuke: MO-8D1N-M10D-87V8
  • Sasuke (Teen Alternative): MO-2R91-WL2Q-3JCD
  • Teen Sasuke (Second Alternative): MO-92HN-8G8G-8XLL

If you are a fan of the anime, you got to admit that these costumes perfectly imitates what we’ve seen in the series. The attention to detail rendered in each costume is indeed on-point.

Meanwhile, we have yet to see whether there are existing cosmetics in the head department that would complement these costumes. But from what we have been showcased so far, it seems that the New Horizons’ version of Naruto fits the bill—including the hairstyle and the whiskers.

Here’s to seeing more future costumes inspired after the anime.

Image used courtesy of Twitter/ris

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