Fan made ‘Fall Guys’ mini games pop up in other titles

Since launching a month ago, Mediatonic’s Fall Guys has become one of the most popular multiplayer games. Just how far has the game’s popularity come?

Fall Guys is an adorable and challenging take on the battle royale genre, and it’s easy to see why people are so enamored by it. The game has become so popular, some of its mini-games are popping up in other titles because of some die-hard fans.

Mini-game mods

A chunk of the game is about surviving through various mini-games to reach the crown at the end. It’s a simple concept, and fans are using it to deliver the same fun experience in other games. As mods and custom game modes have become a huge part of other online experiences, players are taking advantage and adding Fall Guys style mini-games to their title of choice.

Some of the games that now have maps inspired by the mini-games in the hit battle royale include Minecraft, Overwatch, Fortnite, and much more. While the maps inspired by the battle royale differ from game to game, the concept remains similar in each entry.

Players are forced to go through an obstacle course while competing with several others. The last man standing at the end is the winner. Players are trying to emulate the experience bought by Mediatonic’s battle royale. However, the original experience just can’t be beaten.

Why is it so popular?

The game is only available on the PlayStation 4 and PC. However, some rumors suggest that it will come to mobile devices as well as the Nintendo Switch in the future. Despite its limited availability, it is one of the most popular games currently.

Its popularity is most likely because the game is just plain fun. Players can spend hours in the game to rack up crowns. As matchmaking is quick and matches are fast, players can jump in and out pretty quickly.

An addicting loop and randomized game modes ensure that each round is different from the other. It shouldn’t be surprising that the game has had millions of users already since launching last month.

Mediatonics has a lot planned for Fall Guys. It has already revealed the second season of the game, which is medieval inspired. Fans already want access to the new season as it adds a selection of amazing skins, as well as new game modes to enjoy.

Images used courtesy of Devolver Digital/YouTube

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