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Fan requested features for ‘Fall Guys’


Although it has been in a beta phase for quite a while, Devolver Digital’s Fall Guys is still relatively young. While fun, there are still a few essential missing features that fans want to see added in the future.

Fall Guys is a fun game, but it’s far from being perfect. The good news is that the developers are always willing to accommodate the fan’s request. Here are some of the most requested features that the developers should consider adding to the game.

Private lobbies

It’s fun competing with 59-other players, but it’s hard to have fun with friends when it’s tough to find them in the crowd. Currently, players can party with up to three other players. They’re not easy to spot in a crowd of 60 as the only indicator is a small toggle.

One of the ways to remedy this is by simply creating private lobbies. Allowing players to create their lobbies to invite their friends in is going to be a big addition to the game.

A new more chaotic mode

The current structure of the game is simple and fun. However, the wait periods in between shows can feel a bit tedious at times. As such, players want the developers to add a full-on battle royale mode, putting players against each other from straight to end without pause.

Such a mode in Fall Guys will introduce a more chaotic way to enjoy this new take on the battle royale. Of course, it will also put players to the test on how they can eliminate the competition while surviving on their own.

Ban/Report system

There are a lot of cheaters and hackers playing on the PC version of the game. The experience of those playing just for fun is being ruined. While the developers have done a ban wave recently, it’s still frustrating for players to see that they can’t do anything about the offenders.

It’s time for the developers to introduce a reporting system for the battle royale. Fans are going to want to be able to do something every time a cheater makes their way into the game.

Fall Guys can be an even more amazing experience if the developers take into consideration some of the requests of fans. Hopefully, these features will arrive in a future update as fans are eager to see some much-needed improvements in this wacky battle royale that’s already taken the world by storm.

Image used courtesy of Devolver Digital/YouTube

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