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Fan starts ‘Fortnite’ petition to bring in NBA skins next


An avid fan started a petition to bring NBA skins next to the hit battle royale game Fortnite, following the NFL skin release.

Fortnite and NBA enthusiast Mason Carr started a petition addressed to Epic Games and the National Basketball Association in the hopes that NBA skins can someday find their way to the sensational battle royale platform.

The petition was made on and seeks to include skins of all the teams in the NBA so fans can choose who they want to represent when they play the game.

National Football League skins recently resurfaced earlier this year so maybe it’s time the NBA gets the same love as well.

If you too are keen on seeing skins of your favorite NBA teams in Fortnite, make sure to sign the petition here and pass it on.

Basketball and Fortnite

This wouldn’t be the first time that Fortnite and basketball crossed paths. Just last year Epic Games collaborated with Nike for the Fortnite x Jordan tie-in which featured the Hang Time Bundle.

The Hang Time Bundle was a limited time cosmetic bundle that included the Downtown Drop limited-time mode as well as two outfits that showcased the timeless Jordan 1 sneakers.

The year before that Fornite released the basketball-themed Half Court Set. The set debuted during the 2018 NBA finals and included a skin that bore a suspicious resemblance to NBA star Lebron James.

Now seems like the perfect time for Epic Games to do another NBA collaboration either as a tribute to the passing of Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant, or a promotion to the Michael Jordan Netflix special entitled The Last Dance.

Collaborations galore

Fortnite is no stranger to collaborations as they’ve partnered with numerous franchises throughout the years in a bid to keep their popularity afloat. Within the past couple of years alone, Fortnite featured crossovers with:

  • Marvel Studios— for the promotion of Avengers Endgame which featured Black Widow and Star-lord skins. There was also a limited game mode that featured Thanos as well as a separate event that brought in Deadpool and the X-Force.
  • The Star Wars franchise— for The Rise of Skywalker tie-in that introduced several skins from the new trilogy.
  • DC Comics— which would bring the city of Gotham to the world of Fortnite. This included skins from some of Gotham’s most famous characters such as Batman, Catwoman, and Harley Quinn.
  • Several pop culture icons— like musicians Major Lazer and Marshmallow, and renowned Fortnite streamer Richard “Ninja” Tyler Blevins.

The #RIPFortnite trend

Players recently took it to Twitter to voice out their concerns over the direction their beloved game was taking. The hashtag #RIPFortnite was used to draw the attention of Fortnite developers with the expectation that they would take more interest in the matter.

Epic Games have yet to respond to the public outcry, though they will likely need to address the matter sooner rather than later if they hope to keep their long-standing video game alive.

Image courtesy of steamXO/Flickr

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