Fans are jumping in on Elena Alves’ killer in Nicole Kidman’s ‘The Undoing’

The American psychological thriller, The Undoing, landed on HBO on October 25, 2020. Already, fans are pouring in theories all over the internet.

So far, HBO dropped two episodes of The Undoing to date.  Things do not look good for Jonathan Fraser at the moment. Everyone close to Elena in the show is actually a suspect in her murder. Well, at least four of them. In addition to Jonathan Fraser, his wife Grace and son Henry are among the primary suspects. Fernando Alves is on the list too!

What is “The Undoing” all about?

The first installment of the show follows the lives of Grace and Jonathan Fraser. They live extremely boring but exorbitant lives among the upper crust of Manhattan. The murder of Elena Alves proves to be a mystery. Apparently, Jonathan admitted to having an affair with Elena.  Elena has a crush on Grace. Moreover, Elena is also Henry Fraser’s teacher.

Jean Hanff Korelitz’s novel You Should Have Known is the basis of the show. Though the basic plots are there, the mini-series is taking a life of its own.

Relevant theories

The series delved into the mystery of Elena Alve’s killer. First on the list is Fernando Alves. He is the husband of Elena and becomes the primary suspect. In the first episode, he prominently displayed strange behavior towards his son. And it seems there are a lot of secrets between him and Elena.

Jonathan Fraser is the top fan-favorite among the suspects. He definitely lied about his whereabouts following the death of Elena. He also confessed to Grace about his illicit affair with Elena. Grace Fraser is also on the list. Being the jilted wife, she definitely has a motive. Or the kiss with Elena floored her. This feeling could have triggered her to kill Elena.

Even young Henry Fraser is not spared from the list of suspects. Fans think he could be the murderer! Simply because he would want to protect his parents.  Or he could have learned of his father’s affair with Elena and killed her for it.

“The Undoing” season 2

There are no hints for a second season for the show. But there is a possibility based on the working history of Nicole Kidman and David E. Kelley. Their first team-up on Big Little Lies was initially a one-season show. Then it got renewed for a second season and may end up getting a third season.  So, the world of possibilities for The Undoing is vast.

Image Courtesy of HBO/YouTube Screenshot

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