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Fans demand season 2 of Netflix’s ‘Never Have I Ever’


Netflix’s new series featuring Maitreyi Ramakrishnan has quickly become one of the most famous series on the streaming giant.

After an extremely satisfying Never Have I Ever Season 1, fans have been demanding the series to come back for a second season. However, Netflix still seems to be undecided.

Never Have I Ever is a Netflix exclusive series created from the minds of Lang Fisher and Mindy Kaling. The coming-of-age romantic comedy series is generally based on the real life experiences of Kaling during her own youthful days.

In her breakout TV debut, Maitreyi Ramakrishnan gave an outstanding performance which garnered her a lot of fans. Expect the young Canadian actress to have more TV series, and eventually movies to come.

Fans want second season

As of writing (May 1, 2020), Netflix hasn’t made any announcements yet if the show will have a second season. However, the TV series has only been out for just four days.

The streaming giant typically waits for a month before considering giving another season to a show. This gives them ample amounts of time to gather data and decide whether the show deserves another season.

The show’s first season looks promising though and fans shouldn’t have any reasons to be worried about anything. The show has already in Netflix’s top 10 global series list. In addition, the fact that the show was created by Hollywood’s Mindy Kaling will be a huge factor in wanting to give the series another season or two.

Netflix renewal checklist

Netflix bases its decision to renew a series based on the number of viewers who log in into the application to watch the show. There are a lot of important factors which can affect the renewal of a show. Some of the main factors include:

  • Every episode should be watched
  • Number of subscribers who watched/re-watched the show
  • Number of viewers who only watched 1 episode
  • Number of subscribers who did not finish watching the whole season

Season 2 possible start dates

Assuming Netflix renews the series for another season, when can fans expect the new episodes to premiere on the streaming application? Sadly, it will take a while. Looking into previous renewals on Netflix, new series like On My Block typically takes about a year to shoot new episodes.

The said series have been approved for 3 seasons which premiered in March 2018, 2019 and 2020. Fans could expect an identical timeline for Never Have I Ever. If Netflix starts production on schedule by the fall of this year, fans can only hope for season 2 to debut in the middle of next year. If the coronavirus continues to put people on quarantine, season 2 would definitely be pushed back.

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